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Through the Dragon's Eye challenge 1.png

At the start of this challenge, eight clouds (the first, third, fifth and seventh of which have four randomly-generated words on them, so they may vary from the ones in the above screenshot) will appear on the screen (Boris and Amanda are also stranded on the second one) as Gorwen, who is on the ground, says "Thank you for flying with us. Boris and Amanda are stuck in the clouds."; once you have pressed Space to continue, he will say "If you can build some longer cloud words, they will be able to land too.". Once you have pressed Space again, Gorwen will say "Choose an ending from the list:", with four options (ing, s, d, and ed) below it - and for every correct answer, the ending shall appear on the cloud that Boris and Amanda are stranded on and Gorwen will say "Going down!" as the cloud floats to the left to merge with the larger one, causing Boris and Amanda to drop down onto the one below it (however, if you answer wrongly, Gorwen will say "Sorry no, try again."). Once you have given four correct answers Boris and Amanda will drop down to the ground and Gorwen shall say "Thank you very much."; once you have pushed Space to continue, the game will proceed to the second challenge.