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This is the first game in the Truxton series. For other games in the series see the Truxton category.

Box artwork for Truxton.
Box artwork for Truxton.
Publisher(s)Taito Corporation, Sega
Year released1988
System(s)Arcade, Sega Genesis, PC Engine
Japanese titleTatsujin
ModesSingle player, multiplayer
Developer(s)Bitwave Games
Publisher(s)Bitwave Games
Year released2023
System(s)Windows, macOS, Linux
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Truxton is a 1988 vertically scrolling shooter arcade video game originally developed by Toaplan and published in Europe by Taito, as well in North America by Midway. It was published in Japan by Taito under the title Tatsujin (タツジン? lit. master of expert). Set in a future where the Gidans alien race led by Dogurava invaded the fictional planet Borogo, players assume the role of fighter pilot Tatsuo taking control of the Super Fighter ship on a last-ditch effort to overthrow the alien invaders.

Truxton was conceived by Masahiro Yuge during his time working at Toaplan, who wanted to create a scrolling shooter where memorization was its main focus, inheriting previously established ideas from Slap Fight and was developed in conjunction with Hellfire, although work on the project had already started privately during production of Twin Cobra.

Truxton proved to be a commercial success for Toaplan among players in Japanese arcades, earning several awards from Gamest magazine, however it was less successful in western regions and was met with mixed reception from game magazines. The game has since been released on multiple platforms, each one featuring changes and additions compared to the original version. A sequel, Truxton II, was released in 1992 on arcades. The rights to the title are owned by Tatsujin, a Japanese company formed by Yuge.

Story[edit | edit source]

Taking place somewhere in space, an armada of Gidans led by the evil Dogurava is invading the fictional planet Borogo aboard five gargantuan asteroids. After surviving an attack on an orbiting Borogo cargo barge, a pilot named Tatsuo enters into one remaining ship called Super Fighter and challenges the Gidans in a desperate attempt to quell the alien invasion and divert their asteroid fortresses in the process.

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