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After sunset all the eight Moongates appear. The destination of the moongates is determined by the moon phase of the moon nearest to the apex (middle point in the sky).

Unlike the original MS-DOS version, there are no Moonstones in the NES port.

Moongate travel destination[edit]

Moon Phase Destination Nearby Town
New Moon Lat I'F", Lon O'A" Moonglow
Crescent Waxing Lat G'G", Lon G'A" Britain
First Quarter Lat O'A", Lon C'G" Jhelom
Gibbous Waxing Lat C'F", Lon D'C" Yew
Full Moon Lat B'D", Lon K'G" Minoc
Gibbous Waning Lat M'C", Lon G'I" Trinsic
Last Quarter Lat H'O", Lon B'H" Skara Brae
Crescent Waning Lat K'H", Lon L'L" Magincia


Note that in Ultima the sun and the moons rise from the right and set on the left.

In the Northern emisphere (Europe, Asia, North America) the opposite is true: the Sun is to the South at noon and the Moon is to the South at its apex, they both rise from the East on your left and set into the West on your right.

This may mean either one of the following:

  1. The fictional land of Ultima is in the Southern emisphere of its world;
  2. No one of the authors ever bothered to look at the sky.