Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny (NES)/Walkthrough

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The NES version is considered very inferior to the original for a series of reasons outlined here. Indeed, it is the only Nintendo port of an Ultima video game that was never released outside the USA.

Small field of view and no in-game maps[edit]

Because of the Shadowlord of Short Sight, there are no in-game maps, and the field of view is quite limited. Instead, use our maps, or the one in the instruction booklet.

No sound effects and bad music[edit]

Because of the Shadowlord of Noise, there are no sound effect whatsoever, and the music is quite primitive. So, turn off the volume of your NES and play your favourite music.

Slow controller response[edit]

Because of the Shadowlord of Sluggishness, the controls are quite sluggish. If you own an original copy of Ultima: Warriors of Destiny for the NES, you can use an emulator. In most emulators there should be a control for the videogame speed.

Now that you defeated the three Shadowlords of Short-Sight, Noise and Sluggishness, we can get serious.