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This sidequest requires The Keyring Mod.

Head to Lord British's castle in Britain and talk to the sage standing beside the drawbridge. He introduces himself as Zauriel, and goes on to explain how he has been waiting for you to arrive and help him rescue his daughter Laurianna.

Agree, and he will explain that in order to neutralise the effects of the necklace you need a chunk of Blackrock. To make the potion you need a second chunk of Blackrock as well as a vial of Silver Serpent venom. You can acquire the Blackrock from Rudyom in Cove, or from the Britannian Mining Company's mines in Minoc. You can acquire the Venom from Minoc, or from other places if you nose around.

Once you have the ingredients, return to Zauriel and choose Make potion. He will then teleport your party to his lab, make the potion, and tell you where his daughter is being held. She is held in the northwestern corner of an island north of Skara Brae. After this revelation he will teleport you back. He informs you that Britain is too crowded for him, so he relocates to 45S 38W, not far from where his daughter is being held.

As Zauriel mentioned in passing, this potion is yet another way to kill Lord British. You can also try it on Batlin if you wish. Remember to save ahead of time in both cases, as you can't get a replacement.

You'll find the island at around 3S 69W. After exploring for a bit you'll find no obvious signs of anything unusual; one of your party members suggests talking to Zauriel about it. Head to 45S 38W and explain it to him.

After a bit he will decide a Gem of Dispelling is the solution. The next problem is that he doesn't have any on him. You have two options now: you can collect the ingredients, which takes a fair bit of time but isn't too hard, or else just search Joneleth's house and see if you can find any intact and unpilfered gems.

Collect the ingredients[edit]

  1. a gem (go to the jeweller in Britain and buy one)
  2. invisibility dust (some may be found in the cave at 169 South, 29 East)
  3. six bee stingers (go to the cave northwest of Yew for these)
  4. two giant spider eggs (SW of the bee cave)

Overall, the only difficult thing to acquire is the invisibility dust.

Search Joneleth's house[edit]

Joneleth's house is on the southeastern chunk of land that encloses Buccaneer's Den.

Once you reach the house you find Joneleth is still alive, in a way. You will have to fight him in order to get the gems (or else leave and collect the ingredients instead). He will have around one to three of the gems on him, and their quality is randomly assigned (only Zauriel can assess their quality).

Return to Zauriel with the gems. Depending on the quality you may end up needing some or all of the ingredients to restore it (bee stingers being the most common). Saving before talking to him and then reloading will change the requirements. The easiest to do would probably be the two bee stingers.

Laurianna's rescue[edit]

Head to the island again and activate the gem at the place where a companion says it is glowing brighter. Now you will be able to see your foes: the mage, a gargoyle, a fighter, a troll and a cyclops. There's a lot going on, but the troll is playing Sword, Gold, Dragon with the cyclops (and cheating) while the fighter is moaning about how he's with these idiots solely for the gold.

Eventually the gargoyle notices your party and tells the mage. He talks to you, introducing himself as Laundo. Keep talking until all the dialogue options are used up (or else just choose dispel and then die). Once they're all gone attack him first, and then focus on the others in pretty much whatever order you like.

When they're all dealt with Laurianna will speak to you. Give her the potion and agree to take her to her father. You will notice that while she is with you she has a magic bar; the Keyring mod adds proper spellcasting capabilities to several magic-using party members including Laurianna.

The aftermath[edit]

When you get to her father, he gives you the key to his house (which you visited earlier when he made the potion) and says vague things about a high price being paid for her final restoration. After this he encapsulates his daughter in a pillar and transforms himself into a dragon. With his death his daughter is finally restored. Read his journal if you like, as it explains everything.

Laurianna says she will go to Yew where she can live surrounded by nature and get help from the monks of Empath Abbey. When she asks for the journal give it to her, and she will give you the keyring. Simply double-click a key and then click on the keyring to add it to the keyring. Using the keyring on the Avatar automatically adds any keys the party has to the keyring; it will confirm this action, but the sprite won't always update until you force it to by moving it. Visually the keyring can hold four keys, but functionally it can hold any number.

To find Laurianna again head to Empath Abbey. From the Abbey head west alongside the grapevines. When the grapevines end immediatel head north and into the building they are almost touching. This is where she lives and studies; during working hours she's at Reyna's shop instead, so head directly south and enter the first building you come to (or just head southwest from the Abbey following the path).