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Moonglow and the Lycaeum[edit]

North Moonglow
  • Locked house: Penumbra
  • House: Effrem
  • Clothes: Carlyn
  • Fellowship hall: Rankin, Balayna
(& observatory)
  • Lycaeum: Nelson, Mariah, Zelda, Jillian, Frank
  • Observatory: Brion
South Moonglow
  • Healer: Elad
  • The Friendly Knave tavern: Phearcy, Addom
  • Farming fields: Cubolt, Tolemac, Morz
  • Moongate
  • Trainer: Chad
  • Pier
  • Population: 18 (4 of them in the Lycaeum)

Verity Island is home to the town of Moonglow and the Lycaeum, stronghold of truth. An observatory was annexed to the latter since its foundation.

The island town can be divided in three parts (see table). The party will probably land at the pier, at the south tip, and then follow the road north.

Main quest[edit]

Rankin is the local Fellowship branch leader. When asked, he will inform you about the next destination of Elizabeth and Abraham.

Ignore Penumbra and her puzzle-locked home for the time being. A later quest will instruct you to go there.

Side quests[edit]

  • Astronomical tool

Talk to Brion the astronomer. He is willing to give you an astronomical tool, but he needs one more part. Addom sells what you need for 20 Gold Coins. The resulting item allows to see the relative position of the eight planets (somehow reminiscent of Lord Seggallion's telescope in Ultima 5).

  • Tavern gossip

Phearcy the tavernkeeper has some gossip about Zelda the librarian and the twins Brion and Nelson. If you investigate and solve the love triangle, you will receive 10 experience points, 8 food and drink portions from Phearcy and a white potion from Zelda.

  • Farmers

Cubolt and Tolemac are brothers. One of them joined the Fellowship, the other one is hostile. Their friend Morz is undecided whether to join the Fellowship or not. Talk to the brothers, then persuade the third guy to stay away from the Fellowship, and you will earn 20 experience points.

  • Fellowship hypocrisy

Balayna has some doubts about her branch leader, Rankin. If you mention this to the latter, Balayna will either get poisoned or simply vanish. Either way, you will eventually earn 25 experience points.


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  • Mage: Mariah
  • Trainers: Chad, Jillian
  • Healer: Elad
  • Tavern: Phearcy

It is convenient to purchase the following 22 spells from Mariah:

  • Lv. 2: 1
  • Lv. 3: 2
  • Lv. 4: 3
  • Lv. 5: all
  • Lv. 6: all
  • Lv. 7: all
  • Lv. 8: all