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New Magincia[edit]

  • Population: 11

Main quest[edit]

Katrina, companion of the Avatar since Ultima 4, can be met in the pasture to the north-west.

As you should know from your previous visit, Alagner lives at the north end of the road. After talking to Caine in Skara Brae, repeat to Alagner the answers to the questions of life and death. The wise man will then allow you to borrow his notebook, that is kept in his storeroom. He will also give you the storeroom key.

Alagner's storeroom

These steps are required to get past the maze.

  1. Alagner's key opens the two doors. Enter the left one.
  2. A teleporter will send you to the east side (where you can exit through a false wall).
  3. Open the next door with Alagner's key.
  4. Pick the next door open (or use the skeleton key).
  5. Operate the lever on the red altar so to open the passage to the north (if you operate the other lever, a passage to the west will open, but when you come back, a large sleep field will appear).
  6. Step on the teleporter. Follow the corridor, and you will be teleported again. Now, step on the east (right) teleporter.
  7. Operate the switch.
  8. Step on the west (left) teleporter, and you will be sent back.
  9. Get past the sleep fields, walk around the central teleporter and through the wall to the north.
  10. Use the table, seven crates, and three barrels, and make a ladder up to the locked door.
  11. Unlock the door with Alagner's key, and take the notebook, as well as any item you like.

You are free to take any item in the storeroom.

  • Loot:
    • Crates in the maze: food and powder kegs; 2 gems and 5 gold coins; magic bow and 3 stacks of special-effect arrows.
    • Chests and crates: various armor parts.
    • Upper room: notebook, 8 different potions, ring of regeneration, bag full of reagents, 100 gold coins, lightning bolt, sleep powder.

You can now go back to the Deep Forest (see Shrine of Spirituality).

Side quests[edit]

Henry is in love with Constance, but he lost the locket he wanted to gift to her, and now the girl is thinking about leaving the island with the three strangers, Robin, Battles, and Leavell. It looks like they stole the locket, but Battles reveals that they lost it at the tavern. Ask Boris, and he will confess, but... he lost the locket, too! The only person left is Boris' wife, Magenta, mayor of New Magincia. When she will hear the story of the locket she will gladly give it to you.

If you promise to transport Robin and his bodyguards to Buccanner's Den, he will also ask you to bring him the lost locket, before he tells you how he is going to pay for the transport. Show him the locket, and he will reveal his plan. Tell him where your boat is, and the trio will attack you, so that you can get rid of these criminals.

Eventually, bring the locket back to Henry. You can talk to Constance, too.


  • Inn & tavern: "The Modest Damsel"
  • Shipwright: Russell

If Dupre is in your party, the barkeep will ask you to pay your friend's bill of 74 Gold Crowns before talking to you. Once stated, the debt will remain even if you dismiss Dupre.


Sam lives at the southmost tip of the island.