Ultima VII: The Black Gate/Spektran

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Nicodemus of Yew

Your current task is to retrieve the hourglass and restore the ether, so that magic will work again and Nicodemus will be able to enchant the hourglass again.

The hourglass[edit]

Beverlea of Paws

Nicodemus vaguely remembers that he gave his hourglass to either a gypsy or an antique dealer, either in Britain or in Paws. The only gypsies in Britannia live near Minoc, whereas there is an antique dealer in Paws. Her name is Beverlea.

You can buy the hourglass for 5 gold coins.

When you bring it back to Nicodemus, he tells you to talk to the Time Lord (again).

Penumbra of Moonglow[edit]

Penumbra of Moonglow

The Time Lord tells you that you need the help of Penumbra of Moonglow in order to fix magic. Luckily, the Moon Gate of the Shrine of Spirituality sends you there directly.

Penumbra lives in the northernmost house on Verity Isle (the island of Moonglow). In order to enter the building, you have to put a series of objects on the golden plate before the entrance. All the items can be found on the island and you can take them without penalty.

Penumbra's door puzzle solution

Translation of the hints and location of the solutions:

  1. Hammer here to enter: a hammer can be found in the house south-west of the healer.
  2. Pick item carefully to keep going: some lockpicks can be found in the house east of the Fellowship hall.
  3. A golden ring of truth faces thee: a yellow ring is in a nightstand on the upper floor of the observatory.
  4. Grasp not at threads: go to the clothier shop, take some wool and spin it into thread.
  5. The Royal Mint shall not hold thee back: there is a gold bar in the bedroom of the Fellowship hall.

Once you are inside, either use the orange awaken potion or shout "An Zu!" (the awaken spell), and Penumbra will wake up from her 200-years-long sleep.

First of all, she will ask you four pieces of blackrock to protect her from the disruption of the ether. You can find four pieces in Rudyom's home (unless you destroyed them) or you can dig them up in either Minoc mine or Vesper mine.

Once you come back to Penumbra's and placed the blackrock around her stone bed, wake her up. She will divine that the ether is disrupted because of a tetrahedron generator in nearby Dungeon Deceit, but you will also need the ethereal ring, that used to belong to King Draxinusom of the Gargoyles.

Draxinusom is alive and well on Terfin island. You have to talk with him thoroughly before he reveals that he sold the ring to Martingo, the sultan of Spektran.

Spektran Island[edit]

Martingo of Spektran
  • Population: 1

This island is located north-wst of Terfin. The only building has an automated door that will open at irregular intervals. Inside, you can meet Martingo, owner and only inhabitant of Spektran. He stored the ethereal ring in his vault and he challenges you to find the key.

BOSS: stone harpy[edit]

This enemy is has a strong physical endurance and is immune to all magic. Still, it will go down with one hit from a glass sword.

When the stone harpy is destroyed (it is an artificial being), you can find the vault key on its body. Inside, you can get the ethereal ring and a full set of three magic rings (protection, invisibility, regenration).

Unfortunately, even after you get the ethereal ring, both Martingo's and Draxinusom's dialogues remain unchanged. You can now go back to Penumbra in Moonglow.