Uncharted 2: Among Thieves/Cat and Mouse

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Things only get tougher for the second half of the village fight. The tank is the cat, and you are the mouse. You'll want to keep moving during this chapter until you can make it to the RPG-7s lying ahead. Don't try to take on the tank directly, but instead stay back behind buildings and run if you need to.

Run from the tank[edit | edit source]

Start out by following Tenzin, who will take you to some cover behind a low fence where you'll need to take out the two enemies in front of you. Soon the tank crashes through the wall it was behind and you'll need to start running again. Follow Tenzin to the building ahead, directly across the path of the tank, and go back behind some walls. Take cover behind the wooden porch railing while your buddy gets the doors open, then run through and jump out the window on the other side of the house. Head straight for the archway in front of you and take out the guy that comes around the corner. After him there's another one at the top of the stairs when you get to the other side of the building. Head up the wooden stairs and take out the guys on the roof in front of you before turning the corner. A grenade works well to blow them all down. Grab the 069Yak Horn Carving in the right corner ahead, where the wooden fence overlooking the cliff meets the wall, then hop over the wall at the top.

This leads to a little courtyard where the villagers are pinned down by the tank. Run past them and between a couple buildings following Tenzin, then continue on behind the buildings. In the next area, a bunch of villagers are being assaulted and taking cover behind a couple concrete structures. Run back to the far side of the second one and take out the bad guy across the street on the stairs. On lower difficulties you can spend your time taking out other guys before moving on, but on Hard or Crushing, you'll want to go straight for the steps, pressing Circle button to roll whenever you can. You're trying to make the wooden bridge spanning the road ahead, and if you come close enough, you'll hit a checkpoint, even if you do die. Once you make it to the bridge, the tank blows it, so you'll have to find another way. When you pick yourself up, run along the pathway toward the camera, with the tank below you in the street. When you get to the window, jump in and get the camera back behind yourself before heading up the ladder in the middle of the room.

Circling the village[edit | edit source]

In the upper floor of this house, grab some cover and take out the guy in the next building before jumping over to him. Continue through the room and jump through a hole in one of the walls to the building across the street. There's a guy in there, so take him out beforehand or let Tenzin do it for you when he jumps over. On the other side of the room, tap Triangle button to help Tenzin move the boards out of the way, then jump to the pole and swing jump to the next ledge. Quickly hop over the wall and jump behind you to the building and through to the other side. The tank will come crashing through the wall right on top of you, so continue out of the room through the door in the direction you were headed. This takes you behind some more buildings. At the bottom of the little hill there, take cover behind a crate and take out two guys that come around the corner. Pick up the 070Bronze Tsongkhapa Statue in the empty corner to your left, then go to the edge of the building along the path and take cover so you can kill the guy in the alley ahead. Once you've done that, keep going, but take a quick right at the end between some more buildings. There are a couple guys in this next area, so go in shooting. The low wall right before the area isn't that good for cover, since they will get close enough to melee you.

From here, although it's hard to see, you can still run between buildings. The tank pulls up on the street, so don't go that way. If you're having trouble finding it, go up the corner of the building like you are going to peek around at the tank, but look across the alley and back a little to see where you're supposed to go. This takes you to a little cliff where you can jump down to a path on a ledge below and behind the village. Follow the path around and keep going when the tank crashes through above you. When you get around the building at the end, you'll need to jump to another landing that has a pole with a multi-colored flag on it. Jump down between the two landings instead to get the 071Tibetan Trumpet. Keep going and jump up onto the ledge at the end between a broken part of the fence. When you get up there, the tank will come crashing through the wall behind you, so run away from it to the next courtyard, then follow Tenzin up the steps on your left. Head through the area here up a couple more steps to the next building and take the guys in there out. There's another guy through the doorway at the other end of the house, so kill him, then head up the ladder out there to the roof.

Take out the tank[edit | edit source]

As you climb the ladder, you'll likely see the RPG gunner on the roof, so take him out before you get the whole way up. Grab up his RPG-7 and shoot the tank. You can try taking out some guys here, or just jump down and head to the next rooftop where another RPG gunner is. There are plenty of guys down there, so take cover when you can and deal with them on the way. When you get through the next building, there will be a guy out back where the stairs to the top floor are. Head up and take out the RPG gunner if you haven't already, then shoot the tank again. There is yet another guy with a missile launcher a couple houses away, farther up the hill. Jump up onto the roof next to you and then to the next one. Here you'll see a hole down to a dark area, protected by a low stone wall. Go down and grab the 072Gilt Tara Statue, then climb back up and head to the next RPG gunner, jumping across roofs until you get to a space between buildings with a ladder going up. Climb the ladder and take cover to take out the gunner on the next roof, then jump over and grab his launcher and shoot the tank again. At the end of this roof you'll see a zip line across the street to a building that has another RPG gunner and a couple idle missile launchers as well. Don't bother taking out anyone but the guy with the missile launcher across the street – just go to the side of the roof and press Triangle button next to the line to slide over. When you get down there, melee the closest soldier and take cover. Take out the next guy that comes into the little room, then grab one of the numerous RPG-7s and blow up the tank. If you hit the tank from each RPG gunner's position on the way there, you'll be done.