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Control Action
Neutral lstick Movement, flip journal pages
Neutral rstick Move camera
Cross button Action button: jump, climb things
Neutral lstick+Cross button When climbing, attempts to jump to next hold in the direction you lean
Circle button
  • Hide button: attempt to find the nearest cover, exit cover
  • Drop while hanging
  • Context-sensitive button: on-screen directions occasionally ask you to press or tap this button
Up lstick+Circle button Attempt to move to next cover
Triangle button
  • Pick up items: this includes ammo, treasure, grenades, etc. Items you can pick up will be indicated on-screen
  • Context-sensitive button: on-screen directions ask you to press, hold or tap this button.
  • Counter button: press while opponent is about to strike in melee fighting to counter
Square button Melee fighting button: perform a sneak attack from behind an unalerted enemy, or press repeatedly to throw normal punches and kicks
L1 button Aim your weapon or grenade
R1 button Shoot your weapon
L2 button
  • Throw a grenade or propane tank
  • Hold L1 button first to aim a throw
  • Hold L2 button to show trajectory, adjust with Neutral rstick
  • Press Triangle button to cancel throw
R3 button Weapon zoom (if applicable)
Left dpad Take out handgun
Right dpad Take out primary weapon
Up dpad
  • Hint button: on-screen directions will let you know if a hint is available
  • Letterbox zoom: the screen zooms in slightly and horizontal letterbox bars appear at the top and bottom of the screen
Select button Open Drake's journal
Start button
  • Pause menu
  • View treasure: when you collect a treasure, on-screen directions will appear to let you view your treasure list