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Even after you find the secret entrance to Shambhala, there is still more platforming and puzzle-solving needing to be done. Although an easy path to where you're going exists, the ancient protectors of Shambhala have ensured that someone will still have to climb, jump and defy death to get there before that simple walkway becomes usable. You get to team back up with an old colleague in this chapter, a secret is revealed and you get a first-hand demonstration of both Lazarevic's ruthlessness and his power.

Get to the other side[edit | edit source]

Right off the bat, shoot down the 090Bronze Garuda from high up on the wall to the right. Now you can concentrate on solving the room's puzzle. It's actually quite easy: turn all the large daggers on the wall so they're pointing downward, matching the figures behind them (only two need to be turned). That raises the globe in the center of the room, revealing the bowl beneath. Unfortunately, you're apprehended by Lazarevic before you can do anything with it. He's holding both your lady friends hostage, so you'll have to open up the way to Shambhala for him. With you for this enterprise is your old pal Flynn. The road over to the other side of the secret cavern becomes unusable, so you and Flynn have to get over there and open the way back up. When you regain control, don't bother trying to fight him, because Flynn has no trouble beating you down. If you try it a second time, he'll just put a bullet in you and you'll be forced to start from the last checkpoint.

Head around the path ahead and jump to the next platform, where you'll find the 091Toad Censer off to your left. From there, jump to the handholds on the wall in front of you. Climb down and drop to a lower ledge, then take that around to the right and jump to another ledge where you can boost Flynn up. Follow him up, then jump across the gap after him. Go forward and jump up the ledges on the left that lead to a gap in the walls you can squeeze through. Tap Triangle button at the other side of the area beyond to push a large stone out of your way with Flynn. Drop over the side and jump down to the ledge below and to your right, then cross a narrow ledge to another stone landing. Push the cart over against the cliff wall, then climb up it to some handholds you can take to the right. Jump across the skull statues below the fire, then turn the corner and go to the end where you can jump behind yourself to one of the walkway platforms. At the other end of it, jump to the broken stone pathway on your left. Take it around and jump to the stairs, then continue on past them to the walkway on the other side where you'll find the 092Eight Emblem Pendant. Go back to the stairs and head up them this time, then open the door to a large chamber.

Puzzle of the runes[edit | edit source]

In here is another journal puzzle. This time you'll need the pages that come after the animal pictures. The page on the left has the emblem of the endless knot, while the page on the right shows the Cintamani Stone. Each graphic corresponds to the design carved into the walls on either side of the chamber. From the entrance, the endless knot image is on the right side, and the Cintimani Stone is on the left. Above those walls on each side are three large cylinders with symbols like the ones in the room in the tower where you were reunited with Chloe. You need to turn each each cylinder so that from left to right, they match the symbols in the journal going from left to right on the appropriate page. You can climb the walls below the cylinders to get up to them.

On the Cintimani Stone side:

  • Left: None
  • Middle: Right lstick x 1
  • Right: Right lstick x 2

On the endless knot side:

  • Left: None
  • Middle: Right lstick x 1
  • Right: None

When you've correctly set the cylinders on both sides, another wheel will raise up, like the one that started the water that opened up the passageway below the tree before. Go down and turn it with Flynn, the same way as you did with Elena. This releases more water, which resets the pathway to be usable by Lazarevic and his men. At this point you get attacked by more snow beasts. Although Flynn thoughtfully gives you a gun to help defend yourself, it's okay to just let the beasts kill you if you're playing on Very Easy. In harder difficulties, you'll need to do some damage to the snow beast you're fighting, and when he catches you, you'll have to do the timed Triangle button and Square button presses to escape. You can run around fighting them for a while, and eventually you'll enter the next cut scene, where Lazarevic shows up in time to take out the monsters with his powerful double-barrel shotgun. This is where you learn that the snow beasts are really guardians of Shambhala, dressed like monsters to scare away intruders. Back in Lazarevic's grasp, he wants you to lay eyes on Shambhala before you die.