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This is where old news (hey, an oxymoron) from my news space go.

May 26, 2007: I finally found a way to make .pcx files display on my PC! Now I can start including screenshots in the StarCraft and Brood War guides!

May 31: In case you didn't know already, I didn't actually finish Brood War's singleplayer campaign... until yesterday, when I beat Omega, the very final mission! Boo yah!

July 1: I'm drowning in games... I still have Empire at War to finish (estimated completion time: 30 more hours), 3 shooters (ect: 50 hrs), and Knights of the Old Republic (ect: 60 hrs to do it right), all the while still contributing regularly to SW. It would be easier if I could stay away from COD2 multiplayer...

July 14: I finished writing for the original Terran campaign of StarCraft (finally).

July 22: I bought and finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the day it came out. I'm officially declaring this novel the best ever written.

August 1: My birthday! I am 15 as of now.

August 7: I've been suffering from a mild writer's block. If you compare my recent writing to my older ones, you'll notice that the former is more cluttered, less well-flowing, and just plain more boring than the latter. Hopefully it will improve again from now on.

August 14: My 100th image contribution!

September 19: Well, because of a new Xfire update I can't take any screenshots in StarCraft anymore. I'll probably have to wait until a patch to do any further work on the guide.

October 10: Well, according to the welcome message on my talk page, yesterday was my one year anniversary of joining the site!

October 11: NOOOOO! I can't run the Call of Duty 4 demo because of my crappy video card!

October 22: I had a recent fiasco where a Call of Duty 2 mod I unsuspectingly downloaded to play in a multiplayer server somehow rendered half my singleplayer missions unplayable. I have to reinstall the game, meaning I'll also have to play through it again to get to the mission I was about to write the walkthrough for (I can use cheat codes, but those display giant "cheat unlocked" messages on my mission screen). Hopefully it won't take very long, but in the meantime I won't be able to contribute to the walkthrough of that guide.

November 17: Almost... there... at my pace of 1 mission a day, it should only be 4 or 5 days until I can start work on the COD2 walkthrough again.

November 29: Yes, I'm late, but I've started COD2 work again today.

November 30: I just beat Star Wars: Republic Commando. So.. much... stuff blowing up...

January 7, 2008: Just completed Half-Life 2, the first game I've tackled from the Orange Box. On to Episode One!

January 19, 2008: I beat Half-Life 2: Episode One like last week, but due to problems with Steam, my internet connection, AND my OS I still haven't been able to start on Episode Two. By the way, help on the Steam issue would be appreciated.

February 1, 2008: Fixed Steam, beat Ep2, now hopelessly addicted to Portal!

February 9, 2008: Since last week, hopelessly addicted to TF2.