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My current pet project is the eradication of double redirects. For more information on me, I can be found on Steam here[1].

Current Projects[edit]

  • Interstellaria: I like the game too much not to finish the guide, but I like too many other things to predict when that will happen.

Upcoming Mass Editing Plans[edit]

  • Starbound: It releases July 22, but I probably won't get a big enough grip until a few days later, and I may write the boss guides on Steam first.
  • Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander: As a somewhat-roguelike strategy game with branching story-lines, I may have trouble polishing it, but I think I can still provide ship data and combat strategies after the August 18 release.

High Scores and Completion Amounts[edit]

Yoshi's Story[edit]

  • High Score: 12121
  • Completion status: 12/24 levels
  • All melons in: Jungle Hut

Desert Falcon[edit]

  • High Score: 289333 Novice difficulty

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door[edit]

  • Play Time: 90+ hours
  • Completion status: All but a few dozen tattles and two Pianta Parlor high scores (and a lottery win).

Tetris Nano (Dedicated Carabiner)[edit]

  • Completed With 150 Lines, 207123 Points