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Pending tasks for GameFreak
  1. Do more work on the Soldier Front guide.
  2. Find time to do these things.
  3. Find some way to encourage myself to make movies for Youtube.
  4. Work on the Dead Frontier page.
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Ahh MapleStory, a sweet MMORPG. Played it for so long, it would be a shame to quit now. I quit.

My MapleStory characters[edit]

Scania:gameguy600 70 Fighter
Spl1nterCell 3x Bandit
Bera:Snipingkid 3x Archer
Broa:LilAznDude2 3x Wizard
Windia:ThiefSnake 4x Sin
Bellocan:OneMedic 5x Cleric

Other Games[edit]

These PC games I have or played at least once.
Conquer <--Quit (May come back)
Trickster <--Quit (May come back)
Gunz:The Duel <--Playing when bored
Gunbound <--Playing rarely
Gunster: Rain of Bullets <--DEAD/but also quitted
Run-*bangs head* <--Quit
Soldier Front <--AWESOME
Audition <-- Too hard for me
WarRock <-- I'd still be playing it if it weren't for the LAG!
Kart Rider <-- Sweet, waiting for OB, or not
Ghost Online <-- Too bored to continue playing
BF2 <-- Damn graphics card
CS <-- Cool game. I like GunGame mod
CS:CZ <--Beat on normal
CZ:DS <--Beat
Full Spectrum Warrior <--Beat, too bad I uninstalled this before I got xfire
Many casual games on ijji. <-- =P

Some contact info[edit]

AIM: Mistuh Lil John
Xfire: snipingkidx
Find me on serveral forums under aliases Snipingkid, MapleFr3ak, and GameFreak.