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Ring introductions[edit]

  • "Thrasher is really a formidable single opponent...even if he does wear a skirt."
  • "Thrasher, as you know, is the high-flying member of the Headbangers."
  • "He definitely walks to the beat of his own drum."
  • "Real men wear skirts?....Well, if he says so."
  • "He may not be high class, but he can sure kick ass."
  • "Thrasher has an opportunity to show off his stuff, wrestling without Mosh in this match-up."


  • Regular Outfit: Blue skirt, black Headbangers t-shirt.
  • Alternate Outfit (L2 button): Green skirt w/ black and white stockings.


  • Taunt Pose 1: "Come get some" gesture.
  • Taunt Pose 2: Slam dancing.
  • Taunt Phrase 1: "I'm gonna enjoy this."
  • Taunt Phrase 2: "Hey, check ME out!"


  • "Ahh, I just swallowed my tongue ring!"
  • "Aw, this is gonna hurt!"
  • "Oh yeah, baby!"
  • "Ooh, I'd give up after that one!"
  • (Spits)

Signature moves[edit]

Opponent standing
Move Input Note
Front Face DDT
(Standing) L,R,P
Arm Wrench
(Standing) L,U,P
(Standing) L,U,TU
Drop Toe Hold
(Standing) D,D,K
Fireman's Carry
(Standing) L,R,K
(Standing) L,R,U,K
Headlock Takedown
(Standing) L,D,P
Japanese Arm Drag
(Standing) D,D,P
Overhead Belly to Belly suplex
(Standing) U,D,TU
**Reverse Painkiller
(Standing) L,D,K
Sidewalk Slam
(Standing) L,D,TU
Single Arm DDT
(Standing) L,U,K
(Standing) L,R,TU
(Tie Up) K
(Tie Up) P
Fisherman's Suplex
(Tie Up) L,K
Side Slam
(Tie Up) L,P
Samoan Drop
(Tie Up) L,TU
Northern Lights Suplex
(Tie Up) L,D,K
Sidewalk Slam
(Tie Up) L,U,P
(Tie Up) L,U,TU
Russian Leg Sweep
(Behind) P/K/TU
Neck Breaker
(Behind) L,L,K
Reverse DDT
(Behind) L,L,P
Side Slam
(Behind) L,L,TU
Belly to Back Suplex
(Behind) L,U,R,TU
(Running) P
Flying Forearm
(Running) K
Spinning Neck Breaker
(Running) TU
(Vs. Run) K
(Vs. Run) P
(Vs. Run) TU
(Vs. Run) U,K
Opponent on ground
Move Input Note
Leg Drop
(Standing) K (at side)
(Standing) K
Fist Drop
(Standing) P
+Standing Moonsault
(Standing) D,P (at side)
Knee Drop
(Standing) D,K
Leg Drop
(Running) K (at side)
Knee Drop
(Running) P/K/TU
Opponent on ground, Holds
Move Input Note
Elbow to Groin
(Feet) L,L,K
**Reverse Indian Deathlock
(Feet) L,R,K
(Feet) U,D,K
**Boston Crab
(Feet) L,D,R,K
*Arm Wrench
(Head) L,L,P
*Leg Lock Chokehold
(Head) L,R,P
*Short Arm Scissors
(Head) U,D,P
Opponent stunned in corner
Move Input Note
Chest Chop
(Front) K or P
(Front) TU
Flying Head Scissors
(Front) L,L,K
(Front) L,L,P
Swinging DDT
(Front) L,L,TU
(Front) L,D,R,P
Charging Butt Bump
(Running) P/K/TU
Player on turnbuckle
Move Input Note
Elbow Drop
(Opp. on Ground) P/K/TU
Leg Drop
(Opp. on Ground) - K+BL
Somersault Senton Splash
(Opp. on Ground) P+TU
Shooting Star Press
(Opp. on Ground) U,U,K+TU
@Stage Dive
(Opp. on Ground) L,U,U,P+K
Axe Handle Smash
(Opp. Standing) P/K/TU
Body Press
(Opp. Standing) K+BL (opponent facing towards)
Torpedo Dropkick
(Opp. Standing) K+BL (opponent facing away)
+Sunset Flip
(Opp. Standing) P+TU
(Opp. Standing) L,U,K+TU