Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness/Zuldare

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Location Zul'Dare
Special Units none
New Units
  • Peon
  • Grunt
New Enemy Units
  • Footman
  • Archer
  1. Build 4 Farms.
  2. Build a Barracks.
Map WCII 1Orc1.jpg
The Horde is preparing to launch an assault against the mainland of Lordaeron. Orgrim Doomhammer - War Chief of the Orcish Hordes and Ruler of the Blackrock clan - has ordered you to establish a small outpost on Lordaeron's southern shores.

To secure the Zul'dare region as Doomhammer demands you will need to construct a Barracks and several Farms to feed your troops. Your success may help us determine the extent of the pathetic Human defenses and what resistance they can offer against our forces.


Urok Scratcher's commander had been given a pitiful number of troops and workers with whom to carry out their orders; yet the had managed to easily overtake a human outpost and convert it to their cause. Feeding the troops after the long voyage across the Great Sea was necessary to keep the forces from killing each other over what little meat the had brought with them. Therefore they beat an injured soldier into submission, made him a worker, and began fencing in new pig farms.

Those who were not building were sent to labor in a nearby mine, for they needed mineral resources in addition to food. Bored with standing about, the troops began patrolling the area; they managed to find a few scattered humans to quench their thirst for blood. Only one of them returned, but by then they had begun construction of a new barracks. This they needed for the coming reinforcements, so all available workers were whipped into helping.

Once the barrackers were completed, the needed only a bit more farmland to raise pigs, and soon the promise reinforcements arrived. After a short time, all the human spies in the area had provided skulls to adorn their Standard. With the area secure, they waited impatiently for new orders.


This level serves mainly as a learning level. There are a few footmen in the area who will attack you on sight, but they are passive if left alone. Send the peon you're given to mine in the mine and build a new one at the Great Hall. When the second peon is ready, tell him to build a farm. When it is done, continue to build peons and send them to mine gold or chop lumber, depending on which one you need more. As you train more peons, you will need more farms, so build them as needed. When you have enough resources, build a barracks. If you run out of gold, there is another gold mine to the northwest of your base.

There are a few enemies in the area, but they don't pose a threat to you. If you want, you can send your grunts around the map and clear out these enemies, but it is not necessary.