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When you return you will be treated to a cutscene where Bahamutian Soldiers will invade the Watchplains and build an outpost. Princess Sarah says Cornelia does not have the manpower to fight them this close, so Reynn and Lann vow to clear the area by sneaking up on their leader. After the cutscene head back through town, and enter another short cutscene, where the Brigade Captain informs you that they will cover you as you enter the enemy camp and will advance upon your signal. Head out into the Cornelia Region, and take the left fork to enter The Watchplains.

The Watchplains[edit]

Mirajewels in Watchplains
Ability Mirage
Fire Red Captain
Protect Goblin Guard
Libra Mu

This dungeon is straightforward but winds around itself a bit. The guards that are fighting Goblins will give you an item as a reward if you beat the Goblin for them. Occasionally you will encounter a Bahamutian Soldier who summoned a Babyhemoth as well, killing the Soldier will free the Babyhemoth for imprisment. The Goblin-type creatures here are unimprismable until you defeat the boss, so just beat them up for XP for now.

Treasure in area
Found Acquisition
Eye Drops Backroad 1, Guard behind Gate
Eye Drops x3 Backroad 1, Chest next to area entrance
Girl's Diary, Entry 1 Backroad 1, Chest at end of bottom fork
Potion x3 Backroad 1, Reward from guard after beating Goblins
Ether x2 Backroad 1, Chest hidden behind rock near the exit
Potion x3 Backroad 2, Reward from guard after beating Goblins
Cure Seed Backroad 2, Chest hidden behind right fork near entrance
Eye Drops x3 Backroad 2, Chest hidden behind tower near exit
Phoenix Down x2 Backroad 3, Chest at end of left fork
Ether Backroad 3, Reward from guard after beating Goblins
Potion x3 Backroad 3, Chest just after the Save Crystal
Arma Gem x2 Reward for beating the boss
Wobblestopper x2 Backroad 3, Chest near the Gate
Ether x10 Secret Area, Chest behind Black Chocochick
Memento (Black Chocochick) Reward for beating Black Chocochick

In the second area, take the path directly ahead through the camp to reach a forced encounter and a chest, then resume climbing through the dungeon. Keep going and eventually you will be forced into an encounter with all four goblin types surrounding the Brigade Captain. There is another hidden chest just up the hill behind the tower.

The Babyhemoth is only found in this area during the forced encounters. The Red Captain will likely be unimprismable unless you have the Floating Eye and Mandragora in the same stack to unlock the Hex Eye ability, which might inflict confusion. If you are still having trouble imprisming one, you should return later with a Mirage that can confuse it without hurting it, or stock up on Loco Weed from Chocolatte's shop.
Mirages in area
Name HP Fire Ice Thunder Air Water Earth Light Dark Poison Confusion Sleep Blind Oblivion Berserk Slow Death Imprism
Mandragora 187 -50 0 0 -25 25 50 0 0 25 25 0 25 -25 25 -25 -25 Physical Attacks
Goblin 209 25 0 0 0 -25 25 -25 0 -25 -25 0 25 25 -25 25 0 Reduce HP
Goblin Guard 281 25 0 0 0 -25 25 -25 0 -25 -25 0 25 25 -25 25 0 Grant Protect
Black Nakk (Backroad 2 onwards) 203 50 -25 0 0 -50 0 -25 50 -25 -25 0 0 -25 0 25 25 Physical Attacks
Red Cap (Backroad 2 onwards) 240 50 0 0 0 -50 25 -25 0 -25 -25 0 25 25 -25 25 0 Deal a lot of damage at once
Red Captain (Backroad 3 onwards) 253 50 0 0 0 -50 25 -25 0 -25 -25 0 25 25 -25 25 0 Inflict Confusion
Babyhemoth (Only during Chapter 4) 153 0 0 25 0 25 0 0 -50 0 0 0 25 0 -25 0 0 Physical Attacks
Bahamutian Soldier (Only During Chapter 4) 287 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Unimprismable

Save, and proceed for a cutscene and a long fight. You will see the princess wandering and a Giant Goblin climb up behind her. Realizing that they can't reach her in time, Reynn and Lann panic, and subconsciously activate their Mirage Keeper powers to awaken the Brigade Captain into the Warrior of Light, who then immediately charges the goblin and knocks it off the mountaintop. Tama reveals that the Brigade Captain must have been a Medium, a powerful Champion lying dormant,

The bosses are nothing but damage sponges with no weakness, so you should swap out your current mirages for ones that have healing abilities such as Cure and Regen, high defense, and/or access to Protect. Unfortunately your only strategy here is going to be to hit them until they die. Nothing special about this fight.

Mirages in The Watchplains (Boss)
Name HP Fire Ice Thunder Air Water Earth Light Dark Poison Confusion Sleep Blind Oblivion Berserk Slow Death Imprism
Bahamutian Commander (Boss) 1350 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Unimprismable
Giant Goblin (Boss) 2860 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 Unimprismable

After the fight, another cutscene plays, and we are introduced to several new characters. We see the Woman in the Cage, who announces that you've arrived. The Knight in the Black Armor asks how many years have passed, and the woman says it is difficult to gauge from in the cage. The knight says time has resumed its march. He calls out to Segwarides, the Knight in the Golden Mask, who is then told that he "may begin". The woman asks a third character, the Plumed Knight whether she will waver, who responds simply with "we have a prophecy to fulfill".

Once you regain control of your characters, don't exit just yet. First, head north to reach another chest. Afterwards, head south past the gate to the Secret Area. The Black Chocobo here can be either imprismed or killed, it doesn't matter. After the fight is over, you will get its Memento, unlocking its transfiguration space, which can now be purchased on the Chocochick's Mirage Board. If you imprismed it, you may transfigure to it without having to spend a Skill Point to unlock it. Head back through the gate and return to Cornelia.

Mirages in The Watchplains (Secret Area)
Name HP Fire Ice Thunder Air Water Earth Light Dark Poison Confusion Sleep Blind Oblivion Berserk Slow Death Imprism
Black Chocochick 327 -50 0 0 50 0 50 -100 50 70 70 95 70 95 45 95 100 Restore HP