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Immediately head out into the area as the monsters here will waist no time spawning. The main object is the giant Galapagos who will breath fireballs that will try and follow Ayumi. Fortunately the Galapagos will stay within the titular circle. Accompanying the Galapagos, are a group of re-spawning Pangolin Warriors who will relentlessly pursue Ayumi. So like the battle with the Light, it's best to stay on the move when you're trying to take the Galapagos. As the Pangolins re-spawn, this makes a perfect place to harvest for souls. Just hide behind one of the stone structures and allow the Pangolins approach. Then proceed to hack away at each group that appears.

When taking on the Galapagos, either the Fireball or Darkball spells are useful in the fight. This is where the game's morality system may come into play. For the light path, it's best to use the Fireball spell from midair like with the Light. Yet players maybe tempted to buy the Darkball spell to use leading them into the dark path. Either way, use either spell while in midair. In high difficulty, the Galapagos' fireballs, will doubleback. This become quite troublesome when trying to harvest for souls from the Pangolins. Just try to stay on the run when taking on the Galapagos. If health becomes a problem, just use the green crystal. located by the shore between two stone structures. The only red crystal is guarded by the Galapagos, so the only real way to build rage is to take out any group of spawned Pangolins and then confront Continue the attack until the Galapagos' scale is depleted and he is dead. Then finish off the remaining Pangolins and the level will be completed.

Now go and collect the items leftover, there is a silver artifact X-Blades Silver Trophy.png near the start to the right of the player on the shore. Then head for the exit.