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Level 0[edit]

It is a tutorial before the real story begins. If you have not played, get familiar with the controls. Coins here will not yield anything. Here there is also a familiar foe, the Shy Guy! If you want to produce eggs, it is your only option. The eggs will still be with you when you go to the next stage. If you accidentally fall into the hole, use the purple block back to the path. Jump on the ball to climb to the top. Pull the end of the screen to finish the level.

Level 1-1[edit]

After seeing three shy guys, you'll see a new enemy: Crazee Dayzee! These enemies are the same as Shy Guys. There will also be a flower! Each flower that will help the end of the level. Picking 5 of them (only have five on each stage), will earn you a living. After the flower, a Piranha Plant appears! Piranha Plants are drastically changed, instead of being rooted in pipes, Piranha Plants are found planted on the ground. It may only be killed with eggs in his big mouth. There is a winged cloud above the platform. Hit it with an egg to create a ladder. Climb the ladder to grab coins, a flower and five star in the cloud that shy guy is holding. Be quick because the shy guy can run! Below, two Piranha Plants are blocking the entrance of a tunnel. Kill them to access the tunnel.


Here, there will be some shy guys, balloons a Chomp Rock and a red flower at the end. Go pushing the Chomp Rock to collect coins and a life. The red flower contains seven stars. To catch the stars, you must shoot an egg inside her, and then she will spit the stars. Go through the pipe to return to the soil.

Back on the ground[edit]

Here, take the flower and move on. Deflect the piranha plant if you want and take four red coins and a flower beneath the wheel. Carry on. Here there is a pipe that generates Shy Guys. Take them to some eggs and then shoot the winged cloud to five stars. After the flowers pass, shoot in the cloud for Sunflower. Climb sunflower, go left and shoot the cloud to another flower. Grab some coins into the balloon fall on rock bottom to find a hidden cloud with five stars. Go to the normal path and push the Chomp Rock for a quick descent. Toss in the cloud for more stars and reach the wheel flowers. Congratulations! You have completed the first stage!