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Movement controls[edit]

PS2 Wii Action
Neutral lstick Neutral nunchuk Movement
Cross button A button Jump
Circle button Z button Talk, Investigate, Bark
Square button swing Remote button Tackle/Ram (can be used to get an extra boost of speed)
Triangle button C button Dig, Bite nearby target/person
Neutral rstick Neutral dpad Move camera
R3 button 2 button Reset camera
L1 button 2 button Toggle close/distant camera (tap lightly); hold for first-person view
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Navigate menus, select conversation options, change map layer/level
Start button Plus button Open Fan Menu
Select button Minus button Open Options Menu
L2 button 1 button Display map (press and hold)
R1 button B button Use Celestial Brush (press and hold)

Battle controls[edit]

These basic attacks are available from the very start of the game, but additional special moves can be unlocked by attending the Dojo.

PS2 Wii Action
Cross button shake Remote button Attack with main weapon
Triangle button Z button Attack with secondary weapon

The Celestial Brush[edit]

Pressing and holding R1 button or the B button buttons turns the visible area around Amaterasu into a sumi-e scroll, which you can then draw on with the Celestial Brush, a special brush that allows you to control the world around you anytime in the game.

Releasing the button will cause the patterns or items drawn to manifest in the game world.

PS2 Wii Action
R1 button B button Open Brush
Neutral lstick A button + Remote button Paint with brush
Neutral rstick move Remote button or tilt Neutral nunchuk Scroll through view (do this before painting)
Triangle button Z button + Remote button Draw straight lines (the strength of the action affects the line drawn)