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Easy Life: Evolution Riff[edit]

Gates: 42
Maximum Points from Gates: 21,000
Maximum Perfect Points: 3000
Notmyhandle's best: 35,476 (22.75 seconds bonus)


  1. As you enter the avalanche area (smash through the sign), stick to the right side to easily grab the grind rail. Visibility is difficult, and you'll probably be moving at high speeds; if you fall, restart immediately.
  2. Gate #17 can be missed easily if you don't turn just after Gate #16. As you approach the blind turn, stick to the right side, then pass through the gate and edge left. Slow down or you might miss #18!
  3. Gate #21 (the second after passing through the Check Point and sliding on the ice) should be approached with low speeds, unless you want the best score. Slow down while going through #20 or you'll smash into the wall; it's also possible to bomb right through the gate, but you'll have to practice that one because of the ice mogle that sits in front of it (if you slide on the down side of the mogle you will miss it).