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The opponent for each race is completely random except for the matches with secret characters, which is determined by your character.


Enter The Cold: Ski School[edit]

  • Match:1/4
  • Elevation: 1,452m
  • Vertical Drop: 405m
  • Acres: 535 (inbounds)
  • Snowfall: 4.8m

Easy Life: Tenderfoot Pass[edit]

  • Match:2/4
  • Elevation: 1,602m
  • Vertical Drop: 427m
  • Acres: 550 (inbounds)
  • Snowfall: 5.2m

Angel Light: Frosty Shadows[edit]

  • Match:3/4
  • Elevation: 2,420m
  • Vertical Drop: 446m
  • Acres: 631 (inbounds)
  • Snowfall: 5.3m

Sub-Zero Assault: Spinal Damage[edit]

  • Match:4/4
  • Elevation: 2,506m
  • Vertical Drop: 472m
  • Acres: 645 (inbounds)
  • Snowfall: 5.6m


Easy Life: Powder Threat[edit]

Angel Light: Top Tree Trauma[edit]

Aspen Lake Dam: Grits N' Gravy[edit]

Ride Easy Railways: Trestle Trouble[edit]

Sub-Zero Assault: Ballistic[edit]

  • Match: 5/5
  • Elevation: 3,304m
  • Vertical Drop: 687m
  • Acres: 736 (inbounds)
  • Snowfall: 8.1m


Easy Life: Revolution Cliff[edit]

Angel Light: Midnight City[edit]

Aspen Lake Dam: Rotted Ridge[edit]

Ride Easy Railways: Diesel Disaster[edit]

Frozen Melee: Sick With It[edit]

Avalanche Alley: No Way Out[edit]

  • Match: 6/6
  • Elevation: 4,000m
  • Vertical Drop: 727m
  • Acres: 850 (inbounds)
  • Snowfall: 10m


Angel Light: Top Tree Mama[edit]

Ride Easy Railways: Treble Tussle[edit]

Easy Life: Evolution Riff[edit]

Angel Light: Sid's Night Midi[edit]

Ride Easy Railways: Dazzlin' Teaser[edit]

Frozen Melee: Wit's Thicket[edit]

Avalanche Alley: Outway Knoll[edit]

  • Match: 7/7
  • Elevation: 4,000m
  • Vertical Drop: 727m
  • Acres: 850 (inbounds)
  • Snowfall: 10m