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Match Difficulties[edit]

  • Hard - Beat Novice.
  • Expert - Beat Hard.
  • Extreme - Beat Expert.


  • 2nd boards unlocked - Get 2 Time Trial coins
  • 3rd boards unlocked - Get 5 Time Trial coins
  • 4th boards unlocked - Get 9 Time Trial coins
  • Alternate board skins - Get all 18 Time Trial coins

Special Boards[edit]

  • Mr. Beaks - Get 2 Gate Challenge trophies
  • Old School - Get 5 Gate Challenge trophies
  • Powder Painter - Get 9 Gate Challenge trophies
  • NST 1080-A - Get all 18 Gate Challenge trophies.

Alternate Costumes[edit]

To unlock an alternate costume, beat Expert match difficulty with that character.

  • Akari - Wears a short red tank top, cargo pants with a belt, and large pink gloves.
  • Kemen - Wears goggles, a different shirt and air cushioned jacket like Tara's default vest.
  • Ricky - Wears a hat, headphones around neck, and a camouflage jacket.
  • Rob - Wears a long sleeve puffy white coat with fuzzy lining.
  • Tara - Wears a long sleeve tan jacket with black pants.

Alternate Characters[edit]

To unlock an alternate character, beat Extreme match difficulty with that character.

  • Crystal Hayami - Crystallized version of Akari
  • Titanium Vasquez - Titanium version of Kemen
  • Frosty Winterball - A Snowman version of Ricky
  • Bones Haywood - A skeleton pirate version of Rob
  • Mimi Le Moose - A moose version of Tara