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16 Mahjong
Box artwork for 16 Mahjong.
Developer(s)Thin Chen Enterprise
Release date(s)
Mode(s)Single player
Twitch16 Mahjong Channel
YouTube Gaming16 Mahjong Channel

16 Mahjong is an unlicensed Famicom mahjong game developed by Thin Chen Enterprise and released in 1989 by Sachen.

Like typical mahjong games, players receive and discard tiles until they complete hands by forming groups and pairs. What separates this mahjong game from the others is that it features the Taiwanese mahjong variation which is a version of mahjong in which hands are made up of 16 tiles each. Taiwan mahjong also has its own unique regional set of rules.

This game features two game modes. One is the regular version of Taiwan mahjong and the other is a timed version where the player is only given 10 seconds to make each of their moves.