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There are 16 stages within the game. After your carrier gets bombed, you will take off from the carrier and begin your mission.


The second phase has a small boat approach from the left, a second boat on the right, followed by the target.

The first two guns will occasionally fire shots at you. As you advance on the cruiser, its four side guns will shoot flak that will circle around a small area.


When you start to see boats, watch for a hidden fruit. In particular, when you see two boats in a diagonal line, head to the top between the two boats to collect the fruit.

Before the target, you will see a small boat, a medium boat, and another small boat. The carrier will come in range; the brown platform will release a plane from time to time, while the flak cannons on the side will try shooting you down as well.


This aircraft will alternate between shooting a column of three bullets, and a fan of five bullets.

When you defeat Akayo, your maximum energy is increased to 72. Note that you cannot get more than 90% destruction.


The battleship fuso is lightly defended, with only one escort.


The carrier Akagi has one escort, which approaches on the right of the map.

The carrier itself has a large array of flak cannons, and has two platforms which launch fighters into the air.


A wingman powerup can be collected after the ocean past the first cluster of islands.

Once you are past the second cluster, you will engage the enemy aircraft squadron. Once defeated, your energy tank size will increase to 80.


Watch for a hidden fruit and yashichi symbol once you see the vessels; they are located on the right-side, on or below the third boat.

Ise is a battleship with three escorts of increasing size. The battleship proper can release fighters in front of its flak cannons, and has four large turrets.


Wingmen can be found early in the map.

The escort for the carrier is significant; there are four small vessels that you will fly past. The carrier itself has two platforms closer to the front of the vessel, and like other carriers, is covered with flak cannons.


The second Ayako plane is stronger, having four health bars instead of three. It uses the same attacks, but also approaches slightly closet to the bottom of the screen than the first Ayako.

Defeating the plane is treated as 90% destruction. Your energy tank is also increased to 88 units.


On the ground approach to the battleship, look for a fuel tank from a red fighter, and work past the three small escorts.

The battleship will approach; in addition to its large cannons, it also has an array of flak cannons.


In the second air squadron, watch for a new large plane that will release fighters that will try to charge you.


The battleship Yamashiro has two escorts; the first is a small vessel, and the second is a medium-sized carrier with four planes that launch.

When defeated, your tank is increased to 96 units.


The carrier Soryu had three escorts and looks identical to Hiryu.


The third Akayo plane is more aggressive, with an increased bullet speed and fire rate. It has five health bars, and when destroyed, counts as 70% destruction.


Look for the Yashichi at the start of the third set of islands, almost as soon as the clouds start clearing up,

The battleship Nagato has six escort vessels. It otherwise looks like a common battleship that you destroyed previously.

After this mission, your energy tank will increase to 104.


Look for a Yashichi past the second island; it is about a quarter screen length from the left.

The battlship Yamato, just like Nagato, has six escorts.

However, you should exercise caution with this vessel. It's main weapon is a high-caliber cannon that can inflict significant damage in a single shot. The only good thing about the weapon is that it cannot hit you once you are above it. Aside from its cannons it also has a large array of flak cannons.