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1999: Hore, mita koto ka! Seikimatsu
Box artwork for 1999: Hore, mita koto ka! Seikimatsu.
Japanese title1999ほれ、みたことか!世紀末
Developer(s)Coconuts Japan
Publisher(s)Coconuts Japan
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Board game
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
Twitch1999: Hore, mita koto ka! Seikimatsu Channel
YouTube Gaming1999: Hore, mita koto ka! Seikimatsu Channel

1999: Hore, mita koto ka! Seikimatsu (1999ほれ、みたことか!世紀末? "1999: Look, Do you see that?! It's the End of the Century") is a virtual board game for the Family Computer.

The game's scenario takes place in the late twentieth century right up through the year 1999.

This game is similar to a crossover between Monopoly and The Game of Life. Aliens arrive to tell the players to live their lives to the fullest before it's too late because of some event that will occur at the end of 1999. Cards are used instead of dice and the players might be involved in automobile accidents, jobs, investing in the stock market, falling in love with a woman, or a single round at the slot machines.

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