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The player moves around in a board game-type environment trying to prevent space aliens (of increasing strength and potency) from destroying human civilization (as they build their temple on Earth).

Accomplishing a complete revolution around the board (going from the start line back to the start line) ends each chapter. When a chapter begins, all four vehicles are on the start line and the player who wins the previous chapter usually starts first. There are questions that must be answered with a "yes" or a "no." Failure to succeed in this quest will result in the extraterrestrials taking over planet Earth. Up to four players can compete.

After winning the game, the player becomes one of the extraterrestrials.

Only harmless aliens appear until a greater nemesis is revealed in the second chapter of the story. By gaining power and money, the player gains the strength and the means to stop the alien invasion before the end of 1999. This game starts in late 1995. Players get to collaborate with the alien forces and participate in their religious rituals (sacrificing some of their power to maintain an alliance with the invading forces). Starting on January 1997, player will be able to notice devastation and increasing levels of physical destruction on the game board as the alien invasion becomes more overt to the humans of planet Earth. By 1998, the damage to the buildings and the trees almost become post-apocalyptic with the trees becoming completely barren.

The player who earns the greatest amount of power points wins the game and gets to live on the pink-colored alien planet for the rest of his life Any money earned in this game is completely irrelevant once the game ends. The second-place finisher gets to float in outer space for all of eternity on a space capsule while the third-place and last-place finishers are left on post-apocalyptic planet Earth.