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Being a strategy game for the NES, the controls are very simple.

Controls Description
Neutral dpad Use the direction pad to move the cursor on the map and select choices on the menu interface. The cursor naturally speeds up on it's own when holding down a direction.
A button Press the A button choose units and commands. It is also used to advance dialogue and story. You can also press A on an empty square to bring up the menu.
B button Press the B button to cancel to your last choice or to exit out of the command menu.
B button+Neutral dpad While holding down the B button, use the direction pad to move the cursor at it's fastest speed initally.
Start button Press the Start button to choose a command on the title screen. (The A button also does this.) As this is a turn-based strategy game, there's no pausing.
Select button Press the Select button to cycle through your choice of targets when attacking.


As stated earlier, pressing A button on an empty square during a scenario will bring up the menu. This will also display the turn count as well as your funds. Press B button to go back to controlling the map cursor. Note that the English is based on the English patch and not a direct translation of the same choices in the original Japanese version. The terms from both versions of the game are listed here for convenience.

Commands Description
End (ターンおわり?) Ends your turn and begins the enemy's phase. You'll need to do this even when you exhausted all possible moves.
Units (ぶたいひょう?) Brings up a list of all your controllable allies. You can select a unit form here to instantly transport the map cursor to said unit.
Item (アイテム?) Shows a list of items in your inventory to choose from. Keep in mind that all items have a one-time use.
Anim. (アニメ?) Allows you to turn the transformation sequences on or off. This does not affect whether battles are displayed or not, so they are always present.
Save (セーブ?) Saves your current state in the game. This is different than the save feature between scenarios. To use this save, select Continue in the title screen.
Goal (もくてき?) Displays your current objectives for victory as well as conditions for losing.