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Menacing Meanies
3-D WorldRunner Menacing Meanie.png
White Willies
3-D WorldRunner White Willies.png
Hand Men
3-D WorldRunner Hand Man.png
You run into these guys all over the place — from the second you set foot in Solar System #517. They may change colors depending on what world you're in, but they're always a menace. Stay out of their way or zap them with your laser rockets. They look like Menacing Meanies, but they're faster and tougher. This roving hand tries to stop anything and everything that gets in its way including you.
Robot Heads
3-D WorldRunner Robot Head.png
Venus Die Trap
3-D WorldRunner Venus Die Trap.png
Calamitous Clams
3-D WorldRunner Calamitous Clam.png
Like Menacing Meanies, these guys will try to bump you off. Avoid them, or shoot them. Don't get stuck in this things sticky tendrils. Slip by it, or slip it a deadly blast. This giant underwater monster will try to eat you alive, so stay away from it. It moves in circles.
Sea Shells
3-D WorldRunner Sea Shell.png
3-D WorldRunner Spinner.png
Vapor Clouds
3-D WorldRunner Vapor Cloud.png
A pretty enemy that will try and stop you dead in your tracks. Dance around it. These high-tech gizmos will chase you down. Chase them down instead with a hit from your Laser Missiles. The gas that this cloud is composed of is 100% poisonous. Attack it before it attacks you.
Dog Face
3-D WorldRunner Dog Face.png
Diamond Demons
3-D WorldRunner Diamond Demon.png
Mean TVs
3-D WorldRunner Mean TV.png
As tough as they are ugly, they can't be shot. Stay as far away from them as you can. Like other real diamonds, these diamonds are indestructible. Jump over them instead. A deadly piece of video technology. Blast it!


Not enemies per se, Jumpers appear throughout several of the later worlds, either to help you or to hinder you depending upon where they are placed and how you make use of them.

Junior Jumpers
3-D WorldRunner Junior Jumper.png
Super Jumpers
3-D WorldRunner Super Jumper.png
Running over a Junior Jumper will give you quite a boost into the air, much higher than you can ordinarily jump on your own If you run over a Super Jumper, it will boost you so high into the air, that you will disappear from the screen for several moments before returning back down to the ground.

Serpent Beasts[edit]

Every serpent beast attacks in roughly the same manner, moving side to side, and front to back. They only differ in speed and the amount of damage they can absorb before going down. They are only a danger to you when they advance all the way to the front of the screen. Any portion of their body spells danger for you. Only the head needs to be destroyed in order to defeat a serpent beast, but you can destroy each segment individually. Destroying the segments is a strategic method of getting better access to the head. You must defeat the beasts within the allotted time limit. If you must defeat more than one beast in order to advance, the time will refill each time for every beast destroyed.

World 1
3-D WorldRunner Serpent Beast1.png
World 2
3-D WorldRunner Serpent Beast2.png
World 3
3-D WorldRunner Serpent Beast3.png
World 4
3-D WorldRunner Serpent Beast4.png
World 5
3-D WorldRunner Serpent Beast5.png
World 6
3-D WorldRunner Serpent Beast6.png
World 7
3-D WorldRunner Serpent Beast7.png
World 8
3-D WorldRunner Serpent Beast8.png