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  • Left dpad and Right dpad: Except during boss fights, use left and right to direct Jack to run laterally across the world in either direction as he runs forward.
  • Up dpad and Down dpad: Except during boss fights, use up to increase the speed at which Jack runs, and use down to decrease Jack's speed.
  • Neutral dpad: During boss fights, use the entire direction pad to control Jack's position above the ground.
  • A button: Press the A button to make Jack jump. The long the button is held down, the higher Jack will jump.
  • B button: Press the B button to make Jack fire a rocket. Except during boss fights, Jack can only fire lasers if he has first picked up a rocket item. During boss fights, Jack is granted the ability to fire whether he has picked up a rocket or not.
  • Start button: Press the start a new game, or to pause the action mid-game.
  • Select button: Used to activate or deactivate the 3D mode (red/cyan 3D glasses are required to view this mode properly).


3-D WorldRunner Jack.png

You control Jack, a wild "space cowboy" on a mission to save various planets overrun by serpent-like beasts. As Jack, you can do two things really well; you can run and you can jump. You can also fire when you get your hands on a weapon. Your one and only goal is to safely reach the end of each world, where you will have to do battle with the serpent beast or beasts which have enslaved that planet. In order to reach the end, you must dodge enemies and jump over chasms, and generally stay alive. Each portion of the world must be cleared within a certain period of time. If Jack fails to clear the section in time, he will lose one life and must begin again at the start of that section. Once Jack clears a section, or if he finds a clock item, this timer is refilled. When Jack makes it to the end of each world, he will stop running, and enter a mode of movement where he can hover over and ground and control his position in space. He must use this technique to do battle with the serpent beasts in order to defeat them and move on to the next planet. Jack has a limited number of lives, and the game will be over when all of his extra lives are lost.


Item Name Description
3-D WorldRunner Rocket.png Rocket Fire Jack must collect one of these in order to be able to shoot at the enemies in the landscape ahead of him. Possession of the Rocket is not required when fighting against a serpent beast boss.
3-D WorldRunner Potion.png Super Potion Collect the potion to give Jack a second chance by allowing him to withstand one collision. If Jack gets hit when he has both the potion and the Rocket, he will lose the ability to fire.
3-D WorldRunner Mushroom.png Poison Mushroom Mushrooms have a bad effect on Jack. One touch will kill him, so avoid them completely.
3-D WorldRunner Invincibility.png Invincibility Grabbing one of these orbs will grant Jack with a temporary invincibility field. While active, Jack can freely run into every enemy, destroying them without consequence to Jack.
3-D WorldRunner Star.png Bonus Star Stars are typically found along the ground. They serve no purpose other than bonus points. If Jack survives to the end of the world with Stars in his possession, he will earn even more bonus points.
3-D WorldRunner Balloon.png Warp Balloon If Jack chances upon one of these white balloons, he can grab hold of the string and be warped to a bonus world where stars and some items can be collected.
3-D WorldRunner Heart.png Extend Heart Collect one of these hearts from a pole in order to extend the number of extra lives that Jack has by one. You can never have too many.
3-D WorldRunner Clock.png Clock Be sure to grab these clocks whenever you find them. They completely restore the timer which counts down the time that Jack has to complete the current segment of the world.