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3-D WorldRunner is a linear game in which you must advance through all 8 worlds, one world at a time. There are no warps or level selects, although there is a way to continue your game from the start of the last world that you died in. Each world is composed of either three or four sections. You have a time limit in which you must complete each section, or you will lose one life and be forced to start over from the beginning of that section. The last section of each world ends with a battle against one or more serpent beasts. If you lose this fight, you will be sent back to the beginning of the last section of the world and you must complete it again before you can challenge the serpent beasts to another fight. Warp Balloons are found in one location on every world which will take you to a bonus world where you can collect Stars which are worth bonus points if you survive to the end of the level after collecting them.