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World 5-1[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 5-1.png
  • Key Feature: Rows of Hand Men just before jumps
  • Description: You start by passing three rows of poles. The first two contain Mushrooms, but the last row contains Potions. Then you must jump over alternating rows of Hand Men and Meanies. After a jump, you will encounter another row of poles. Every other pole contains Rockets. Now you will begin more alternations of Hand Men and Meanies, or Hand Men and jumps. To make it over the jumps, you can either anticipate jumping over the Hand Men early enough, or let yourself hit the Hand Men, bounce back, and jump just before you start moving forward again. You'll see a single fire pole and just beyond it are a set of warp balloons. The jumpers in World 5-B are not your friend. They are setup to prevent you from collecting stars, so avoid them. The pole at the end of 5-B contains a Stopwatch. After another jump, you will find a set of poles which contain Invincibility. You will have to perform a few more jumps, preceded by Hand Men. You will land on small strips of land occupied by Meanies, so be careful when setting up for the next jump.

World 5-2[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 5-2.png
  • Concepts Introduce: Sea Shells, Spinners
  • Key Feature: Forced running through enemies and fire poles
  • Description: The first pole surrounded by fire poles has a Rocket. The line of three poles has a Potion, and two Mushrooms. The pole at the edge of a jump contains Invicibility, and the pole immediately behind it after the jump contains an Extend Heart. You then have to run through a field of Sea Shells, with a short jump in between. After a small group of fire poles, you will encounter Spinners mixed among fire poles. A pole at the edge of the next jump contains Invincibility. After you cross the jump, you will run through a crowd of Sea Shells and Spinners combined, with fire poles appearing towards the end. This world ends with one long jump.

World 5-3[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 5-3.png
  • Key Feature: Rows of Hand Men just before jumps
  • Description: This world starts like World 5-1, with Hand Men just before a jump. In the row of poles, every other row contains a Potion. After a jump, every other pole in the next row contains Rockets. You'll have to hit a few jumps guarded by Hand Men. After you land on a small strip, it's a short hop to another jump guarded by Hand Men. After that, you must run through a field of Meanies with Hand Men mixed in. A set of poles appear at the edge of a jump, but only one contains Invincibility, the rest contain Mushrooms. After you clear the jump, you'll have to run through more Meanies, followed by a couple more Hand Men guarded jumps before the boss.

World 5 Boss[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 5 boss.png

The boss of world 5 appears to look like a frog. This is definitely the fastest moving boss you've faced so far. It will turn brown when it gets close to being defeated. You will have to defeat this strong opponent three times before moving on to the next world, or face being sent back to the start of world 5-3.