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World 6-1[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 6-1.png
  • Key Feature: Jumping on top of poles
  • Description: World 6 introduces a very advanced technique that can be difficult to get started, but once you get going, you're usually fine. You will encounter a set of poles which lead to a chasm. The poles keep going across the chasm and no jump you attempt will get you across. The only way to safely cross the chasm is to jump on top of one of the early poles and leap from pole to pole. Once you get on top of a pole, you will jump off it automatically, so the only difficult part is getting on. The easiest way to do this is to run into the pole, bounce off of it, hold down to slow yourself, jump up in the air, and release down when you're just about to land on top of the pole. When you release down and move at the normal rate, the poles will continue to appear beneath you. Eventually, you will cross the chasm and have to jump over chasms and past fire poles. You will see Stars occasionally, but they really serve more as a distraction than a bonus, as they are typically situated in locations that can get you into trouble. It's best to ignore them. As you proceed across the chasms, you will occasionally be forced to run, so be prepared to jump at a moment's notice. Eventually you will see more poles. This marks the start of the final portion of the stage. Prepare to jump on top of them and bounce across the last chasm. Eventually, the pole become fire poles. It's OK though, you can safely bounce on top of these as well. Stick to the left column of poles, as the right one ends abruptly.

World 6-2[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 6-2.png
  • Key Feature: Using fire poles to jump over Hand Men chasms while being forced to run.
  • Description: You should be used to the concept of this world: using the fire pole gate to indicate the safe path across the chasms filled with Hand Men who will otherwise block you. You are forced to run through this section, so time your jump button presses carefully. After a while, you will see a Super Jumper and a Junior Jumper. If you hit the Super Jumper, you're going to need to know where the next Super Jumper is in advance in order to survive to the end of the stage. It is a little to the right of where you jump, just to the left of a fire pole in a chasm. Otherwise, use the same strategies as before to maneuver through the field of Meanies and across the Hand Men filled chasms until you reach the end of the world.

World 6-3[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 6-3.png
  • Concepts Introduced: Calamitous Clam
  • Key Feature: Rows of Hand Men just before jumps
  • Description: You will see a row of Super Jumps immediately followed by a row of Warp Balloons, which you will obviously miss if you hit the jumps. The Warp Balloons take you to bonus world 6-B, where the Junior Jumpers are once again there to aide you. You can also find Rockets and Potions in the bonus world. When you return, after you run through a field of Meanies, you will encounter a row of poles just before a jump. Only one pole contains an Invincibility, the rest contain Mushrooms. When you leap across the chasm, you will encounter Calamitous Clams. Do your best to avoid them. Then you will run through fire poles and Meanies. Finally, Clams will join the mix, and then you are done.

World 6-4[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 6-4.png
  • Key Feature: Optional pole jumping
  • Description: While you aren't forced to jump on top of poles like you are in World 6-1, it's highly recommended that you do. You are forced to run here, which changes the timing of getting on top of the poles a little bit. Instead, you should run into them, and start your jump almost immediately after bouncing back. This should get you on top of the poles, which you can pretty much ride to the end of the stage, although you will have to shift to the left and right which presents its own set of hazard, especially if you miss. You will also see stars on the ground near the middle, but if you're successfully jumping off the poles, it's better to stick to the air then run on the ground through the Meanies. If you do fall to the ground, your best strategy is to jump frequently, and spend as little time on the ground among the Meanies as possible.

World 6 Boss[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 6 boss.png

The boss of world 6 has one eye. He is just as fast as the previous boss, and he can take a lot more punishment. He goes through quite a number of color changes. He starts out pink, but he quickly changes to an orange color. After a while though, he changes back to pink, before turning green to indicate that he is close to defeat. If his strength wasn't bad enough, you'll have to defeat a total of four of them before advancing to the next world.