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World 8-1[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 8-1.png
  • Key Feature: Fire pole jumping across a chasm
  • Description: Only one pole in the row of poles that you first see has an Invincibility. The rest are Mushrooms. You'll probably want to take the time to find the Invincibility since you will need to get on top of the fire poles in order to bounce over the very long chasm. Having the Invincibility will allow you to bump into the fire poles to set yourself up for the jumps. Hit a fire pole, bounce back and immediately start jumping. You should leap over one pole and land on the next. Only one column of fire poles will get you across the chasm (one column to the left of the Invincibility pole.) As you leap, you will see Spinners, and you will even see Warp Balloons. The trip to World 8-B is not worth giving up the setup you already have jumping from pole to pole. There is an Extend Heart in 8-B, but you will probably lose it when you come back so skip the balloons and keep bouncing.

World 8-2[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 8-2.png
  • Concepts Introduced: Diamond Demons and Mean TVs
  • Key Feature: Forced double speed running through enemies and fire poles
  • Description: You will be back to running at forced double speed through this next section. It starts off a lot like Worlds 7-1 and 7-3, where you must run through fire poles and leap across fire pole chasms, but the jump timing is much trickier than before. As a general rule, it is usually a long jump followed by a short jump, but not always. There is a small strip of land with two poles on it. The left one contains a Mushroom while the right one contains Invincibility, but it won't help you very much here. After you get through a series of jumps, you will see some stars, the longest column of which leads you to the only safe passage through a field of Hand Men. Dodge the fire poles, but watch for a regular pole which contains a Potions. After more fire poles and some jumps, you will be running through a narrow field of Diamond Demons. Keep hopping over them until you see two Mean TVs. They appear just before a long jump. You will land on a few small strips before a few more jumps, and then you're on to the next world.

World 8-3[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 8-3.png
  • Key Feature: Forced double speed running through enemies and fire poles
  • Description: The first row of poles contains one Potions and three Mushrooms. After running through some Mean TVs, you will reach another set of poles, only one of which contains Invincibility (two over from the Potion). Jump over the chasm, and run through the field of Diamond Demons and fire poles. After another row of poles, with one containing Invincibility, you'll have to leap over a chasm with fire poles. On the other side are more fire poles and high flying Spinners.

World 8-4[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 8-4.png
  • Key Feature: Forced double speed running through Hand Men chasms
  • Description: This is a very short world, but it has very tricky jump timing. Fortunately, there is a pole after the first long jump which contains an Extend Heart so make sure you get it. The world consists of one long jump followed by a medium jump, two short jumps, a medium jump, and one last long jump.

World 8 Boss[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 8 boss.png

The boss of world 8 has the head of none other than a Menacing Meanie. But don't mistake that to mean that this boss is a push over; he's anything but. With similar speed to the previous boss, and plenty of hit points to back him up, you will want to whittle the tail down again to have a clearer shot at the head. It starts out blue, but turns yellow just before dying. As if fighting one of these tough opponents wasn't enough, you're going to have to defeat not four, but six of them in order to complete the game. If you beat him, you will receive the special code that activates the hard mode of the game.