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3D Dot Game Heroes
Box artwork for 3D Dot Game Heroes.
Developer(s)Silicon Studio
Release date(s)
System(s)PlayStation 3
Mode(s)Single Player
CERO: CERO A.jpg All ages
ESRB: ESRB E10.png Everyone 10+
Twitch3D Dot Game Heroes Channel
YouTube Gaming3D Dot Game Heroes Channel

3D Dot Game Heroes (3Dドットゲームヒーローズ?) is a 2009 action-adventure video game developed by Silicon Studio and published by From Software in Japan and Atlus in North America. The game uses a unique style, presenting 2D, retro style graphics in a 3D environment. The game was released in Japan on November 5, 2009 and is to be released in North America on May 11, 2010 exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

The game follows a hero on a quest to rid the Dotnia Kingdom of a dark plague caused by the forces of evil in order to restore peace to the land. Legend tells of an evil king known as the Dark King Onyx who brought tragedy and darkness to the kingdom by stealing six magical orbs. However a hero rose up against the Dark King and with his legendary sword as well as the power of the orbs, he sealed Onyx away within another orb. However, the forces of evil rose again as the Dark Bishop Fuelle stole the orb and threw the Kingdom of Dotnia into a state of chaos once more. The game's main protagonist is the grandchild of the brave hero who sealed away the Dark King and thus is entrusted with the responsibility to save the land.

The kingdom was once a 2D pixelated world, but as the King of the Land felt that sprites were outdated he thus decreed for the kingdom to make the switch to 3D. This caused the entire world to become 3D while still retaining its original pixelated look.

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