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Dependent on existing rank, your promotion will be either Commander to Commodore or Commodore to Admiral. Completing two of these missions achieves the rank of Commodore/Admiral.

You can also be demoted in this during these missions. Completing the Time Warp mission by time warping backwards causes the rank to be changed from either Commodore to Commander or Commander to Lieutenant Commander.

Doomsday Machine[edit]

  • Event: Bottom Mission Target has been the most recently hit.
  • Award: 1,250,000

You need to pass over the Out Lanes located at either side of the lower region of the table three times. This completes the mission. A potential pitfall making the level of this mission more difficult, lies in the simple fact that on entry to either of the Out Lanes, its gate will be closed. This means a future visit to this area will result in the ball being drained. There are two options to resolve this problem: have a replay light activated or you can open the gate for further access by lighting up all three Hazard Target Bank lights on the same side as the closed gate.


  • Event: Middle Mission Target has been the most recently hit.
  • Award: 1,250,000

You must make 15 lane passes, which can be achieved by entering the following lanes on the table

  • Return Lanes, located behind each of the Rebound Bumpers just above the flippers.
  • Bonus Lane, located below the Launch Bumpers.
  • Out Lanes, located at either side of the lower part of the table.

In addition, there are also

  • Launch Lanes, accessed via the Launch Ramp
  • Re-entry Lanes, located at the top centre of the table

Once the 15 lane passes have been achieved, the mission is complete.

Satellite Retrieval[edit]

  • Event: Top Mission Target has been the most recently hit.
  • Award: 1,250,000

You must hit the solitary Attack Bumper, located at the top left hand corner of the table, three times. It sounds like an easy mission to complete, but this area of the table can be difficult to access at times.

Time Warp[edit]

  • Event: All three Mission Targets have been lit up. Please note: hitting another mission target will select one of the above missions!
  • Award: 1,500,000

You must make 25 rebound hits. Rebound Bumpers are located in two areas of the table: just above each of the flippers and also to the left and right of the bottommost Attack Bumper. The second part of the mission gives a choice in completing the mission, which, as the name suggests, allows the game to either time warp forward or time warp backwards! Interestingly, both options have their merits at different stages of the game. Lower ranks can gain rapid promotion by going for the time warp forward option and access to more rewarding point scoring missions. Alternatively, at the highest ranks, this mission is the most precarious as it can lead to all your good work being undone by time warping forward into oblivion and not even the merest sniff of your good score being registered on the scoreboard. At the highest ranks, it is better to time warp backwards and get a demotion of rank. It can also be better to take several demotions this way to be relieved of carrying out the same types of missions again and again. To achieve a time warp forward, you are required to go over the Launch Ramp; going for a time warp backwards requires you to hit the Hyperspace Chute. Selecting either of these options completes the mission.