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  • Hyperspace Chute shot: Gets some points; causes the centre post to be raised if achieved three times in quick succession. There is the opportunity to gain an extra ball if you manage a fourth time. There are two main instances: Left Flipper direct to top of Hyperspace Chute or as the ball is expelled from the Hyperspace Chute to send it straight back using the Left Flipper.
  • Launch Ramp Chute shot: Gets you started on a mission if a mission is selected; options using both flippers direct.
  • Yellow Wormhole shot: Gain a replay ball; left flipper direct to Yellow Wormhole.
  • Red Wormhole shot: Gain a replay ball; right flipper direct to Red Wormhole.
  • Black Hole shot: Use left flipper to go directly to Black Hole; can just sneak in the side door.
  • Booster Target shot: Use the right flipper to go directly to Booster Target area. Hopefully downing a solitary standing target and allowing a booster light to be lit. Getting three booster lights lit can be very good.
  • Long Shot: Ability to get the ball to the top half of table. Buys time and may assist in current mission. Gain ability using either flipper.


On expelling a ball from the Hyperspace Chute, a Left Nudge should ensure the ball finds its way up and over the Launch Ramp. Potentially the start of a mission.

A Left or Right Nudge as the ball drops from the rightmost Re-entry Lane could influence the ball going into the Red Wormhole for a chance of a replay ball.

As ball is expelled from Left Out Lane, a Left Nudge should ensure the ball reaches the top centremost part of table and the chance of passing through Re-entry Lanes.

Using Left or Right Nudge to alter the angle it comes off the Rebound Bumpers (above the flippers) ensures a better chance of not being directed towards either of the Out Lanes. This can also affect the potential mission that will be selected, as it could hit one of the mission spot targets. Likewise it could hit the Booster Drop Targets, getting you a little closer to three booster lights being lit.

A Left or Right Nudge with the ball in the area of the three Attack Bumpers could allow either set of Hazard Target Bank lights to be lit and the appropriate gate being opened – causing the Out Lane for that side of the table to not be an imminent threat – if it was closed.

Consider using a nudge in conjunction with the Centre Post being up – this can be a better option that using a flipper that is just out of reach of the ball.

Either left or right nudge to direct the ball in the direction of the other flipper – this would be in preparation for a shot at the Hyperspace Chute/Launch Ramp.


It is normally never a good idea to get a tilt as the ball is lost. However, there is one unique instance where this is recommended. At the highest rank of Fleet Admiral, carrying out a Time Warp mission and accidentally completing the mission with a Time Warp Forward, a hasty and frenetic use of every nudge available will ensure that you do not time warp into oblivion and just get a tilt instead!

High Scores[edit]

There are three types of high scores to be achieved playing this game:

  • Going round the clock, which means exceeding 1,000,000,000 points. This will take a very long time.
  • Gaining promotion to the rank of Fleet Admiral – you have mastered the missions that the game has thrown at you.
  • Just beating your own personal best!