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Like most visual novels, the controls of 7'scarlet are simple; Cross button to confirm/advance text, Square button to skip text (by default this can only be done for text that has been read before, though there is an option to skip all) and Triangle button to open the menu, which gives you the option to save your game, load another file, view previously-obtained Tips, change the settings (such as volume, text speed, skip speed, and the presence of the protagonist's portrait), and return to the title screen. From the main menu, you can start a new game (by accessing the Scenario select screen), load a save, or access the gallery. For information on route order, see the walkthrough page.

Ichiko Hanamaki[edit]

7scarlet chara Ichiko.png

Ichiko Hanamaki (花蒔 イチコ Hanamaki Ichiko?) is the heroine of 7'scarlet, and thus represents the player. Her name can be changed at the start of the game, though other characters will not speak it if it is. She is an average girl attending college in Tokyo, though she has a tendency to space out when in deep thought. Her childhood friend, Hino Kagutsuchi, attends the same school as her.

Ichiko's normal life was turned upside down when her beloved brother disappeared, an event that took place one year before the start of the game. Hino's investigation leads the pair to Okunezato, where Ichiko's brother was last seen, though whether or not she finds the answers she seeks depends on the choices of the player.