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But...Wait! You're not done yet! Once you win, you'll get a password to play the game on a new difficulty level. All of the items in the castles are exactly the same as in the first quest, except that the Clue Scrolls are gone (don't worry, the final solution is the same). The only noticeable change in the gameplay is that all of the enemies move MUCH faster than before. You'll have to have your fencing skills down pat, in order to survive!

Here's the password you get when you beat the first quest:


If you use this and complete the game again, the game will hint that you might not be finished yet. Still, for some reason, it doesn't come out and give you the code for Round 3. At any rate, to play 8 Eyes on the hardest difficulty setting, use this password:


If you can beat the game on this level, consider yourself good, because it is not easy, even when you know everything about the game! Good Luck!