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8 Eyes map Egypt entrance.png

Before entering this castle, stand below the leftmost statue. Jump and stab to the left to reveal an "S" Bowl. The door switch is that gray square touching the right side of the door.

8 Eyes map Egypt.png
Room 1
The first skeleton is unarmed (don't get used to it). He leaves an Ice Ball behind when he dies. Climb the steps and fence with the skeleton that can actually fight back. Go to the right wall and attack the bottom of it to get a Blue Jar. Try not to get hit by too many bats while you're doing all of this.
Room 2
Take the moving platform to the left (don't worry about falling into the pit...that will take you back to Room #1, but it won't kill you) and climb the steps. Take care of the next skeleton, then head to the right. When you reach the end of the upper ledge, you should see the blocks on the ceiling form a triangle shape that points down. Set Cutrus loose and have him attack the tip of this figure to get a Clue Scroll. The little hooded guy below has a Boomerang for you. Hurry to the steps after you kill the next skeleton. If you take too long, another one will attack from the doorway.
Room 1
The steps you took lead to the far side of this room. Deal with the skeleton and race to steps, as before.
Room 3
Drop to the bottom and use Cutrus to kill the green monster (only he can hurt this thing). Jump and stab the right wall for a Blue Jar, then make your way to the left. You can get a Power Ball from the second monster, but you probably won't need it.
Room 4
The mud monster on the left has a Molotov Cocktail, but this really isn't that useful either. Stand on the doorway and jump-attack the overhanging wall. There's another Blue Jar here, which should max out your energy meters. Run and jump to the right, taking care not to fall to the watery level on the bottom. If you fall, you will be attacked by some rather mean-looking fish (go back to the left to get out of here). Kill the mud man, then send Cutrus to the left to hit the door switch while Orin waits by the door (Orin can hit the switch too, but the door might close before he could get to it. Later on, you won't have a choice but to use Cutrus, so it's good to get in the practice here).
Room 5
Drop down, duck, and take care of the panther. He'll jump around and probably hit you a couple of times, but that's okay. Jump and attack the left side of the ledge that's 3-blocks long for an "S" Jar. Jump over the holes in this room (unless you WANT to go back to Room #3). The guy with the hammer dies with one hit (odd, he looks a lot stronger than that, but then again, so did the green monsters).
Room 6
There are some blue ghost-like enemies in this room that behave like bats (they start from the ceiling and swoop down when you approach them). Make one of them come to you, and when it touches the floor, crouch and stab it until dead. It will shrink after the first hit, but shouldn't have too much trouble. Once they're gone, set Cutrus loose before climbing the steps. Have the bird hit the switch while you're on the steps, so you have enough time to reach the door.
You'll face a rather agile old wizard in this room. He'll run and jump around while shooting little flames from his staff. No problem, as long as you have enough item power to use your Ice Ball. Of course, if Spain wasn't the last level you played, this fight will be rather difficult.

There is a Z Jar in the upper right corner of the room that is near impossible to obtain without the aid of a second player controlling Cutrus.