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Regardless of whether you're playing with 1 or 2 players, you play a single adventure. In a single-player game, controller one moves both Orin and Cutrus, while in multiplayer, controller one handles Orin and controller two is for Cutrus. There are a lot of different controls for each screen, so be sure to make a note of this list.

In-game controls[edit]

Controls Description
Neutral dpad Use the direction pad to guide Orin. Press left or right to walk in either direction. Press up or down to ascend or descend stairs respectively. Press up when standing in front of a doorway to enter. Press down to crouch.
A button Press the A button to jump. Tap A for a short hop, or hold A to jump higher.
B button Press the B button to swing your sword.
Start button Press the Start button to pause the game. When the game is pause you can press left or right to switch your secondary weapon.
Select button Press the Select button to cycle through your available secondary weapons while the game is playing (un-paused).
Up dpad+A button
Down dpad+A button
Hold up or down on the direction pad while pressing A to use your secondary weapon. Hold up to use the weapon while standing, or hold down to use it while crouching. Note that you must have enough item power to use a secondary weapon, or nothing will happen.
Up dpad+B button Hold up while pressing B to release Cutrus from your side, or to recall him back to your shoulder.
Down dpad+B button While Cutrus is flying, hold down while pressing B to instruct Cutrus to perform a diving attack. This attack can be used to attack enemies, or to discover hidden items.

Note: A second player can control Cutrus' flight in a 2-player game using the direction pad of the second controller. In a 1-player game, Cutrus will fly back and forth across the screen in a wave pattern that covers about half of the screen.

Other controls[edit]

Game Options Screen
  • Select another option: Select button or Up dpad/Down dpad.
  • Enter option: Start button.
Password Screen
  • Change current letter: Up dpad/Down dpad.
  • Select another letter: Left dpad/Right dpad.
  • Start game: Start button.
Level Selection Screen
  • Select another level: A button /B button.
  • View clues found: Select button.
  • Start level: Start button.

Orin and Cutrus[edit]

8 Eyes sprite Orin.png
8 Eyes sprite Cutrus.png

You control Orin throughout his quest to retrieve the 8 Eyes. And throughout that quest, Orin will be accompanied by his faithful pet falcon, Cutrus. You'll have to rely on both of their skills in order to successfully reclaim the gems.

Orin's health meter is displayed near the top of the screen. Orin loses health every time he is struck by an enemy attack. If all of his health is depleted, he will collapse and the game will end, although you will be given an opportunity to continue from the point of the last stage you completed. Orin can recover health through certain items, such as brown crosses or S Jars.

Orin is a skilled swordsman, and he relies on his blade for his protection. His swing is swift and direct, but his reach is not very long. It is often necessary to get within your enemy's range in order to strike them, putting Orin in danger of being struck himself. As a result, it is much better to wait for enemies to cease their attack and move in to deal some damage and withdraw before the enemy attacks again.

Cutrus is not just for show. He is capable of attacking the enemy as well, albeit far less damaging ones. When you give the command (Down dpad+B button) Cutrus will dive down at a 45 degree angle striking any enemy in his way. However, Cutrus can be harmed in the process. Cutrus has his own health meter, and though Orin can continue on his way if Cutrus loses all of his health, the way will be much harder without Cutrus. Many of the special and hidden items are impossible to retrieve without his assistance.

Last but not least, Orin has access to a range of secondary weapons, ranging from guns and boomerangs, to throwing orbs with magical properties. Orin loses these between stages, and he can only activate one such weapon at a time, provided he obtains them by defeating the enemies that possess them. Additionally, each use of these weapons drains his item meter, which is fueled by collecting white crosses. If Orin's item meter is not full enough, he will not be able to throw any weapons until he collects more crosses.