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8 Eyes map India entrance.png

There is a blue jar so high above the entrance that it is impossible to get without the aid of a second player controlling Cutrus with a second controller. Since there are no enemies, it's possible to safely put down the first controller and use a second to collect it before entering the building.

8 Eyes map India.png
Room 1
Climb the steps and fight the knife thrower (unlike other ones, this kind must be hit several times). Once he's gone, head right and hit the block on the end of the ledge for a Blue Jar. The cloaked one has a Dagger for you.
Room 2
More of the same in here. The hooded guy has an Ice Ball this time. There's a Blue Jar hidden within the floor above to the right of the stairs (five blocks from the top of them). As usual, release Cutrus near the bottom so he can hit the switch, while Orin stands by the door.
Room 3
Let the bird fly right away, so he can attack the man with the mace, as only he can kill him. After killing the panther and a fire-breathing guy, attack the overhanging wall in the upper right corner for an "S" Jar. Make this energy last! This is the only refill you'll get in this level!
Room 4
Make sure the man with the pitchfork is over to the left before you try to jump the hole in the floor. There's a gap in the ledge above you, as well. Send Cutrus up to attack the right side of the hole to get a Blue Jar (don't worry, you can still jump across the hole and land on the empty space you make by taking the item). Remember to use the bird on the man holding the whip. The second pitchfork guard has a Boomerang.
Room 5
The rock thrower will give you a Molotov Cocktail. If you want another Blue Jar, have Cutrus attack the right edge of the floor above you. Once you're up there, stand as far to the right as you can to scroll the door switch far enough on the screen for Cutrus to hit it.
Room 6
Before climbing the steps here, stand on the first block below them and attack the second one to find a Clue Scroll.
Another magician, only this one can disappear if you get too close to him. Quickly send the bird up and attack the bottom of the overhanging ledge above you to get a "Z" Jar, to double your sword's strength. Get out your Ice Ball (as usual), so you can freeze the boss before he can vanish.