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Crosses appear whenever you defeat an enemy. Crosses come in two different colors and two different sizes. White crosses increase Orin's weapon meter. Brown crosses increase Orin's or Cutrus' health meter, depending on who collects it. Large crosses fill half a meter at a time, while small crosses only fill a small sliver of meter.


You begin your attack on each castle armed with only Cutrus and your sword. However, during the level you can find extra weapons by defeating a specific enemy. The same enemy from the same place will always give you the same weapon. Note that you can hold multiple weapons. Once you have more than one, press Select button (or pause the game) to choose the one you want.

You need item energy to use these weapons, and some require more than others. The more energy it takes, the better the weapon. For the most part, the only weapons worth using are the Ice Ball and the Boomerang, but feel free to experiment with the others.

Dagger Boomerang
8 Eyes weapon dagger.png
  • Energy Cost: 1/2 Block

Throwing Knife that travels across the screen.

8 Eyes weapon boomerang.png
  • Energy Cost: 1 Block

Can pick up items and flip switches.

Ice Ball Power Ball
8 Eyes weapon ice ball.png
  • Energy Cost: 2 Blocks

Freezes enemies in place. Works against bosses!

8 Eyes weapon power ball.png
  • Energy Cost: 1/2 Block

Moves in a wave pattern through walls.

Molotov Cocktail Pistol
8 Eyes weapon molotov.png
  • Energy Cost: 1/2 Block

Explodes on the floor and burns.

8 Eyes weapon pistol.png
  • Energy Cost: 1/2 Block

Traditional handgun

Power Ups[edit]

Hidden throughout each castle are important power-up items that will make your journey much easier.

Blue Bowl C Jar
8 Eyes item blue bowl.png

Increases the length of your energy meters by one block.

8 Eyes item c jar.png

Restores a small amount of life power.

S Jar S Bowl
8 Eyes item s jar.png

Fills all life for either Orin or Cutrus, depending on who takes it.

8 Eyes item s bowl.png

Fills all energy meters AND increases their length by one block.

G Jar Z Jar
8 Eyes item g jar.png

Orin becomes invincible for a short time.

8 Eyes item z jar.png

Doubles the power of Orin's sword for a short time.

8 Eyes item scroll.png

Contains a clue to help solve the puzzle at the end of the game. There is one hidden in each stage.