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8 Eyes map Ruth entrance.png

Finally, you've reached the last stage! Compared to the earlier levels, the final castle is a little easier. Unlike other castles, you start with a full ten blocks of energy, along with all of the possible weapons! This level is composed of a "boss rush," forcing you to face and defeat the bosses from the other levels again (why are these guys after you again? You just had a drink with each of them!). Fortunately, you receive plenty of power-ups, and each time you win a battle, your life is automatically refilled.

8 Eyes map Ruth.png
Room 1
The boss from Spain is in here. Get out the Ice Ball and go to work as you would normally. Since your sword isn't strong against this boss anymore, it will take more hits to kill him. Still, freezing him should give you enough of an advantage. Once you have more energy than he does, you can just keep hacking at him. He'll die before you. If you get into trouble, climb the steps. Send Cutrus out and attack the left edge of the upper level to get an "S" Bowl to recharge all of your life and item power. You'll find one of these bowls in EVERY room of this castle! Once your enemy dies, the door to the next room will automatically open.
Room 2
Up next is the guy from Egypt. The "S" Bowl is on the left edge of the platform you start on. Take it when you've used up your most of your life and item power, so you'll get more mileage out of it. As usual, rely on the Ice Ball for this, and all battles from here on out.
Room 3
The Arabian duke is here. Jump-attack the upper right corner to reveal the "S" Bowl, but do not collect it until you absolutely need it.
Room 4
Now for the card-thrower from Italy and his panther. Since the cat is stuck on the top level, while the boss is on the bottom, you can ignore it. The "S" Bowl is below the steps, three blocks up from the bottom.
Room 5
In here, you'll find the mage from India. The "S" Bowl is in the group of blocks hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room. Have Cutrus attack the right side of the row of blocks that is three-blocks long.
Room 6
The last stage boss is the guy from Africa (the boss from Germany is not present in this castle). The "S" Bowl in here is below where you come in. Jump-attack the left wall.
You may not find last boss of the game incredibly challenging. She is a lady with a whip and some kind of animal's skull for a hat. The "S" Bowl is inside the leftmost block on the ledge you start on. Use it effectively and you should have no trouble.

After you collect the final jewel and have a drink with the lady, head for the final puzzle!