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1st Class Cabin (B Deck)[edit]

Tap the bed on the left, and then the pillow to move it. Grab the item underneath to get score plate (A). Look right, and tap the door on the right to open it. Tap to open the green cabinet, and click on the object inside to get score plate (C). Look down then tap the door on your left, and then the door on your right to head into the living room.

Turn right and tap the blue object in the corner to get vase. Tap the left door twice to open it, and tap the brown cabinet and the item inside to get score plate (G) . Look down, and then tap the right and then middle doors to be in the bathroom. Tap the bathtub, and then the water in the bathtub while holding vase to get vase filled with water. Look down three times, and then left, tap the fireplace, and then examine the fire while holding vase filled with water to put it out. Grab the item that was behind the fire to get score plate.

Look to the right, and go through the right and middle door to be back in the bathroom. Look at the tub, and then tap the chain in the left side of the tub to drain it. Click the object in the bottom of the tub to get score plate (D) . Look down twice and go through the left door to go back to the bedroom.

Examine the piano on the left. Tap the map above the keys of the piano to get a map of the B Deck. Tap the place where the map was, while holding any of the score plates to place them all there and begin to play. The black keys won’t play. Only the 8 white keys that are brightly lit in the middle will work. Of those keys, only the middle four are actually needed. Labeled 1 through 4, from left to right, you will need to play them in the order “1234, 1321, 2134, 4321” to solve the puzzle. For those of you musically minded, this corresponds to the notes “EFGA, EGFE, FEGA, AGFE”. After solving the puzzle, Look down and to the right, then tap the door twice to escape.

Casino (B Deck)[edit]

Click on the table on the right, the one right in front of you, and grab the card on top of it to get card 5. Tap down and click on the bar to look at it. Tap card on the bar to the right to get card 4. Tap the left bar on the right and Snake will find and give you card 7. Look down and to the right, then the card in the middle of the counter to get card 6. Tap on the lights in both the left and right sides of the counter to make the shadow of a club, diamond, and heart appear. Look down and tap the blue item in the fireplace to get coin bag.

Turn right and tap the middle slot machine, and then tap the coin slot while holding coin bag to start playing. Tap the “spin roulette” button in the bottom left corner, and then tap the club, diamond, and heart icons in that order to win. Tap the gold drawer on the bottom of the machine to win, and tap the items inside to get the Venus key and card 2. Look down and to the right, and tap on the curved table in the right corner.

Tap the card next to the number ‘3’ on the table to get card 3. Tap the blue square in the middle of the table to get an explanation of baccarat from Seven. Tap any of the three empty squares below the blue one, while holding and card to start playing. To play a card, tap any of the open squares, then tap one of your cards displayed in the bottom left of the screen. Tap a card already on the table to take it back. Play card 2, 3, and 4 to make a hand of ‘9’, which beats the ‘8’. Grab the revealed card to get card 8.

Look down twice, and then left, then tap the far corner to make a white arrow appear. Tap the white arrow to zoom in on the corner. Tap the device on the wall to the right, then on the square underneath the red “LOCK” to be able to play a card. Play the card 8 to unlock it and reveal three more spots to play cards. Play your remaining cards, card 5, 6, and 7, to unlock the door. Look down and tap the door on the left to open it and escape.

Room Choice[edit]

After some plot advancement, you will get to choose what door you want to go through. This decision will have an effect on the ending, and you won’t be able to go through the other door in the same playthrough.

  • If you go through Door 3, you will be accompanied by Santa, June, and Seven.
  • If you go through Door 7, you will be accompanied by Clover and Seven.
  • If you go through Door 8, you will be accompanied by Clover and Lotus.

If you are trying to get a particular ending, check the Endings page to help you choose.

Also, to continue this walkthrough, be sure to go to the page of the door you go through, and not just the next one on the list, as the chronological and numerical order of the doors is different.