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Operation Room (C Deck)[edit]

Look right and examine the table. Grab the only bright-colored object, a pair of scissor-like things near the middle, to get Kocher forceps. Look down then left twice and look on the table here to see another array of surgical tools. Grab the only bright-colored one, at the bottom right of the table, to get scalpel. Tap down to zoom out, then click on the mannequin on the smaller table for a close-up. Hold the Kocher forceps and click on the mannequin to get fake organ. Combine scalpel with fake organ to get organ key. Look left twice, then grab the item on the table to get fake chest. Turn right, and click on the right side of the open area between the two dividers to make a white arrow appear. Click this arrow to face a new set of doors. Click the one on the left while holding organ key to unlock it, and then again to go in it.

Click on any object on the table in the middle to get a close up of it. Grab the two bottles on the left side to get red liquid and blue liquid. Then tap on the box to zoom in on the keyboard, where you need to enter three numbers to unlock it.

The note in front of the box will give you a hint on how to unlock it. It reads:

Iron = 1
Salt = 2
Water = 3
Carbon Dioxide = ?
Ammonia = ?
Ethanol = ?

The combination for the box is the three missing numbers on the note. To solve this puzzle, you can examine the shelves around the room and Clover and Seven will tell you about these compounds.

  • Salt, which is found on the bottom left shelf, is NaCl.
  • Iron, which is found on the top left shelf, is Fe.
  • Ethanol, which is found on the bottom middle shelf, is C2H5OH.
  • Ammonia, which is found on the top middle shelf, is NH3.
  • Carbon Dioxide, which is found on the bottom right shelf, is CO2.
  • Water, which is found on the top right shelf, is H20.
Important Decision
Seven shares with you a story about EDT. Afterwards, he seems on the verge of remembering something else, when Junpei says “Do you…”, and you have the option of asking about ice-9 or not. This decision can affect the ending you will get. For more information, see the Endings section.

After knowing the composition of these compounds, you can figure out that the numbers on the note correspond to the number of atoms in one molecule of each of these compounds. Carbon Dioxide has 3, Ammonia has 4, and Ethanol has 9. With the code for the box figured out, enter the code 349 and press “E” to open it. Grab the two items inside to get fake right arm and fake heart. Look down twice to head out of the room, but you’ll be stopped to have a conversation with Seven.

Look down, tap the left side of the open area, click the white arrow that appears, and then examine the door while holding the organ key to unlock it. Tap the door again to go in, then tap at the end of the hall to make an arrow appear, which you can tap to go into the room. Click on the dresser on the left to get a close-up of it, and tap the drawer to open it. Click the item inside to get a new file.

Look to your right and tap the table on the left. Hold the red liquid and tap on the clear glass. Hit the object on the left side of the table, then look down to zoom out to the room. Click on the lockers to look at them, then click on the right locker, the one with the red plate. Grab the leg inside to get fake right leg. Hit down and tap on the table on the left again. This time, hold the blue liquid when you tap the cup, and ten hit the light again. Look down then close-up on the lockers, then click to open the middle locker, with the blue plate on it. Grab the leg inside to get fake left leg. Tap down and click on the table again. Hold either liquid and tap the cup. Then hold the other liquid and tap the now-full cup. Hit the light, click down, and examine the lockers. Open up the right one, with the purple plate, and grab the oddly shaped object inside to get fake stomach. Look down, left, and then down three more times to get back to the main room.

Turn left twice, then tap the cloth once to zoom in, and again to remove it. Tap the head or arm of the mannequin while holding any body part to place them all on the table. Tap the body again to begin moving the parts around. The point of this minigame is to get both of the tables to have a certain weight on them. You do this by switching body parts of the two mannequins. The head and left arm of each mannequin is immobile. You need the scale on John’s table to read 51.3 kg, and the scale on Lucy’s table to read 53.2 kg. These weights come from the file picked up in the dresser earlier. This file also has the weight of each body part.

Important Decision
Clover believes that her brother, Snake, is dead. You will get the option to give her the four leaf clover bookmark or not. This decision can affect the ending you will get. For more information, see the Endings section.

Switch every body part except for the heart, and the weight will be right. Look down and left, then tap the scale in front on John’s table to zoom in. Tap it again to open it, then grab the item inside the shelf to get Jupiter key. Look down, then left twice, then tap the left side of the open area and the revealed white arrow. Click on the door to enter, then click down the hall, and then on the white arrow to move into the room. Tap on the door to zoom in on it, and then tap the door again while holding the Jupiter key to go to unlock it. Seven notices that Clover is missing, so Junpei will go and talk to her. Afterwards, you’ll go back to the door, open it, and escape.

Room Choice[edit]

After some plot advancement, you will get to choose what door you want to go through. This decision will have an effect on the ending, and you won’t be able to go through the other door in the same playthrough.

  • If you go through Door 1, you will be accompanied by Ace and Clover.
  • If you go through Door 2, you will be accompanied by Seven and Lotus.
  • If you go through Door 6, you will be accompanied by Ace, Santa, and June.

If you are trying to get a particular ending, check the Endings page to help you choose.

Also, to continue this walkthrough, be sure to go to the page of the door you go through, and not just the next one on the list, as the chronological and numerical order of the doors is different.