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  • Acclaim holds weekly events which includes a double XP (experience point) event. For two hours all experience points are doubled for the event. The rewards for quests ARE NOT doubled during this time. The double exp events always start on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 16:00 PST for Asura (US) and Nirvana (US) and at 16:00 GMT for Bardo (EU).
  • Lucky Cricket Event. Every Wednesday at 18:00 PST on Asura (US) and Nirvana (US) and 18:00 GMT on Bardo (EU). This event can be one or two hours in duration (but has also been known to run 4+ hours) and the experience bonus can be 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x. The bonus or duration for the event is not known (or posted) before the event starts. A GM will send a system wide message at the beginning of the event to inform the server of the details.
  • Black and White wars. Every Saturday at 18 PST for Asura (US),Nirvana (US) and 18 GMT for Bardo (EU). During this event, players from each side are going to wage war with in the sands of Bloody plains. The goal is simple: you have to kill the Hermit (if you're black) or the Overlord (if you're white). The winning side will be given a 3 hour buff that increases attack and a buff the grants immunity to the Cave of Conqueror's poison mist and grants entry to Lv 5 of the Cave, where players of the winning side have the chance of killing True General Wei and uncovering the secret treasures of the cave.