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Box artwork for ALTER EGO.
Developer(s)Fruit Salad Torture
Publisher(s)Fruit Salad Torture
Year released2023
ModesSingle player
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ALTER EGO is an indie game published to Steam on April 24, 2023. The public's response to that release was very positive, with close to 97% of its reviews positive as of late August, 2023. It is half visual novel and half puzzle as you, Reese, attempt to prove your innocence relating to the death of your girlfriend, Winona, and work through different challenges within your own mind. This game does have an interesting twist, though. Because the play time is only an hour or two, it displays its characters as animals. This change conveys each personality amazingly well despite its minimal screen time, and ensures the player knows that the characters are still human by the end of the game.

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