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Energy and Ammunition[edit]

Throughout the game, some enemies will leave items behind after you destroy them. Initially, the items may be energy or missile ammunition. After collecting the Super Missiles and Power Bombs for the first time, ammunition for these weapons may appear as well. Small energy orbs provide 5 units of energy. Occasionally, stronger enemies will leave larger orbs that provide 20 units of energy. Each missile that Samus picks up adds two missiles to her supply, up to her current maximum capacity. Each Super Missile and Power Bomb collected increases her supply by one.

The current amount of energy and missiles in Samus' possession is always shown in the upper-left corner of the screen. Energy is shown by a number ranging from 0 to 99, with squares accumulated for every Energy Tank that Samus collects. A full blue square represents another 100 units of energy which will empty out if the current energy tank is depleted. Missiles are shown ranging from 30 to the maximum capacity of 250. Super Missiles and Power Bombs can reach a maximum capacity of 20.


Many items besides Missile Packs and Energy Tanks are closely guarded by Chozo statues. They are contained in energy orbs that only Samus' beam weapon can disrupt in order to claim their contents. Other items are in the possession of bosses which you must battle and defeat in order to obtain.


Item Name Description
AM2R item energy tank.png Energy Tank Samus begins the game with the ability to store up to 99 units of energy in her suit. She can gain the ability to store even more energy with every Energy Tank that she collects. Each tank provides an additional 100 units of energy, and she can store a maximum of ten tanks, for a total of 1099 units of energy.
AM2R item missile tank.png Missile Tank Missiles are the secondary form of offense that Samus begins the game with. Missiles deal a great amount of damage to enemies. A missile is required to open locked red doors. Every Missile Tank that Samus collects adds five to her maximum missile inventory. There are a total of 44 Missile Packs stashed throughout SR-388, for a maximum total of 250 missiles.
AM2R item super missiles.png Super Missiles Super Missiles are more powerful versions of missiles. They are first found in the Industrial Complex. Each Super Missile does five times the amount of damage of a regular missile. A Super Missile is required to open locked green doors. Every expansion that Samus collects adds two to her maximum Super Missile inventory. There are a total of 10 expansions found throughout SR-388, for a maximum total of 20 Super Missiles.
AM2R item power bombs.png Power Bombs Power Bombs are more powerful versions of bombs. They are first found in the Geothemal Plant below The Tower. When detonated, Power Bombs radiate a wave of destruction that reveals the potential weakness of any tile in the vicinity. A Power Bombs is required to open locked yellow doors. Every expansion that Samus collects adds two to her maximum Power Bomb inventory. There are a total of 10 expansions located around SR-388, for a maximum total of 20 Power Bombs.


Item Name Location Description
AM2R item varia suit.png Varia Suit Hydro Station The Varia Suit is an upgrade to Samus' original Power Suit. When equipped, the Varia Suit reduces the amount of damage Samus receives from an enemies and lava by half. While it does nothing else to enhance Samus' power, it effectively doubles the amount of energy that Samus has to withstand enemy attacks. The Varia Suit is more orange in color, and the armor around Samus' shoulders increases in size.
AM2R item gravity suit.png Gravity Suit Distribution Center The Gravity Suit is a further enhancement over the Varia Suit. In addition to cutting the amount of damage she takes in half again, it also cancels the damage she sustains from lava. The Gravity Suit also has a special characteristic of being able to completely reduce the amount of resistance Samus encounters when running through water, enabling her to reach full speed even when completely submerged. The Gravity Suit is mostly purple in appearance.


Item Name Location Description
AM2R item charge beam.png Charge Beam Golden Temple The Charge Beam does not change the regular properties of your primary weapon. Instead, it augments the weapon by adding the ability to charge it before firing. Once obtained, you can hold down the fire button and release it to fire a more powerful shot. It also grants Samus a few other abilities. If you hold down the fire button and shrink into a Morph Ball, Samus will release five bombs simultaneously. These bombs have a longer detonation time than normal. You can hold down the fire button and somersault jump through the air to inflict damage to one enemy. Additionally, while the fire button is held down, any items such as energy or missile refills that are within range will be drawn to you like a magnet.
AM2R item wave beam.png Wave Beam Hydro Station Ordinarily, your beam will stop when it hits a wall. The Wave Beam enhances your standard beam gun by allowing its shots to pass through walls and other obstacles and continue on. It will, however, still stop once it strikes an enemy. It also increases the amount of damage dealt by your weapon.
AM2R item spazer beam.png Spazer Beam Industrial Complex While the Wave Beam causes your weapon to travel in a wave pattern, that wave isn't particularly big, you must still fire it at just the right height to hit a target. The Spazer Beam increases the amplitude of your weapon significantly, making it easier to hit enemies which are slightly below or above Samus without requiring her to aim so precisely.
AM2R item plasma beam.png Plasma Beam The Tower As mentioned above, the Wave Beam allows you to shoot through inert matter such as walls, but your beam is fully absorbed by enemies, particularly their armor. While armored enemies can be tough to defeat, the Plasma Beam gives your weapon the property to shoot through enemies, even those that are armored, making it much easier to destroy them. It also increases the offensive power of your beam.
AM2R item ice beam.png Ice Beam Distribution Center The Ice Beam is the final beam enhancement that you can collect. As it's name implies, it shoots a beam of energy that saps the thermal energy of its target, potentially flash freezing them on the stop. Frozen enemies are render harmless, but those that do not shatter immediately will eventually thaw out and resume their attack. The Ice Beam is also required in order to get past certain organic barriers that are immune to all other forms of attack.


Item Name Location Description
AM2R item bombs.png Bombs Golden Temple Initially, Samus is defenseless in Morph Ball form. However, once she collects the Bomb power-up, she will be able to deposit up to three time-detonated bombs on the screen at one time. The bombs can be used to damage enemies, or destroy weak floors or walls. The bombs do not harm Samus in any way. In fact, they may even be used to boost her off the floor in Morph Ball form. Successful "bomb jumping" requires precise timing.
AM2R item spider ball.png Spider Ball Golden Temple The Spider Ball grants Samus the ability to activate a special power in Morph Ball form. When activated, this power allows Samus to roll along any wall or ceiling until you deactivate it, or if Samus is struck by an enemy. It does cause Samus' rolling speed to slow down tremendously, but it allows her to reach otherwise unreachable locations.
AM2R item hi-jump boots.png Hi-Jump Boots Hydro Station The Hi-Jump boots increase the height at which Samus can jump. With these boots, Samus can jump nearly the height of the screen. This can help her reach platforms and sections of SR-388 that were previously inaccessible, including regions of the Hydro Station that must be cleared before Samus can proceed.
AM2R item spring ball.png Spring Ball Hydro Station Samus' mobility in Morph Ball form is somewhat limited without this iThe Spring Ball enhances the Morph Ball capabilites by allowing Samus to bounce off the ground and into the air. This allows her to get over obstacles without needing to switch forms, or reach higher pathways that were previously out of reach.
AM2R item space jump.png Space Jump Industrial Complex The Space Jump is probably one of Samus' single greatest movement enhancements. It allows her to continuously jump in mid-air, allowing her to rise higher and higher. The only stipulation to using this is that she must be somersaulting, so you cannot utilize the Space Jump if you jump straight up and down. However, you can initiate somersaults in mid-air at anytime. This item is invaluable, as it vastly increases your ability to explore several regions of the planet.
AM2R item speed boost.png Speed Boost Industrial Complex The Speed Boost is a powerful item which must be fully understood in order to master it. On a superficial level, this item allows Samus to significantly increase her speed while running, allowing her to smash through tiles that are vulnerable to Speed Boost effects. However, there is a secondary component to the Speed Boosts abilities, and that is the Shinespark. When Samus gathers enough speed, she begins to shine. If you press down while shining, Samus will immediately come to a halt, and store all of the kinetic energy she produced in her armor for a limited duration. Before that duration has passed, Samus will glow from the effect of the Shinespark. At this time, you can press and hold the jump button to blast straight up into the air, crashing through any Speed Boost tiles until a regular tile is hit. Alternatively, Samus can be sent flying in any direction by pushing that direction on the controller shortly after pressing the jump button.
AM2R item screw attack.png Screw Attack Distribution Center The Screw Attack is the ultimate weapon, substantially increasing Samus' offensive capabilities. It is an extraordinarily powerful item that turns Samus into a living weapon whenever she somersaults through the air as she jumps. Most enemies that come in contact with her while she is spinning will be obliterated.