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Unlike in previous games, the Jelly Bean mechanic of this game is a little different. For each level, you will have a limited number of jelly bean flavors to use, but you will have an unlimited number of those you can access. Their descriptions and effects are as follows.

Apple (Green) - Jack[edit]

The Jack can be used to lift objects, dislodge ceiling panels, press ceiling switches, and provide a platform for the Boy to jump on. Approach the Jack to grip it. Jump to raise the Jack. Throw to lower it. Move away to let go.

Banana (Yellow) - Anvil[edit]

The heavy Anvil works like a rock. Use it to squash enemies (by dropping it on them), to press floor switches, to break weakened floors, or as a platform. Most Black Blobs (including Dog Blobs) will be squashed by the Anvil. However, Giant Blobs and Pig Blobs won't be squashed. Still, the Anvil will sit on their heads, allowing you to safely ride on top of them.

Berry (Blue) - Balloon[edit]

You generally always have this available to you in the Bean Menu. This turns the Blob into a Balloon enabling him to follow you should you become separated by height or walls. A similar effect will occur if the Blob falls into a ravine or if you call the Blob enough that you start whistling. The Blob will also automatically Balloon over to you if you reach the Golden Jellybean.

Bubblegum (Pink) - Bouncer[edit]

This turns the Blob into a bouncy ball with handles. The Boy will climb on it and ride it. While riding the Bouncer, you will move in small bounces unless you Jump to leap to great heights. Note that controls are a little less stable, and if you bump into a wall while leaping, you risk bouncing around uncontrollably.

Warning: While the Bouncer will enable the Boy to safely cross water, the Bouncer cannot jump on spikes.

Coconut (White) - Coconut[edit]

The Boy can pick up and roll the Coconut along the ground, where the Blob can slip under narrow gaps and squash some Black Blobs. Press Call while holding the Coconut to put it down instead. Note that Frog Blobs will react to Coconut Blob by eating it. Call the Blob after he is eaten to make him blow out the Frog Blob from within.

Cola (Dark Red) - Bubble[edit]

The Blob turns into a large hollow bubble that will carry the Boy. Roll along the ground at great speed, squashing enemies and speeding off ramps. Jump to get a boost of speed for up to a duration. You are also mostly invulnerable in the bubble and can squash smaller Black Blobs. Giant Blobs will pick you up and throw you.

Cream (Off-White) - Cannon[edit]

Fire the cannon to propel the Boy or a Pig Blob great distances.

Grape (Dark Purple) - Giant[edit]

The Blob becomes a powerful machine that can bash enemies and break through weakened walls. Use Jump to hover for brief periods and Throw to punch.

Licorice (Black) - Ladder[edit]

The Boy can climb the ladder to reach higher platforms. The ladder will always form towards you, meaning placing the bean on a platform above you can make the Blob form a ladder downward.

Mint (Light Blue) - Double[edit]

The Blob will change into a form resembling you and mimic all your actions.

Pear (Light Green) - Parachute[edit]

The Boy will pack the chute into his backpack. Anytime you are in the air, you can use the Jump control to deploy the chute and gently float down, even from great heights. You can move left and right wile floating, but controls are very sensitive; move carefully. Jump while deployed to store the chute, then again to redeploy.

Punch (Red) - Hole[edit]

The Blob can use this ability on any narrow platform. Anything that can move can fall through this hole, including the Boy, Black Blobs, and rocks.

Root Beer (Purple) - Rocket[edit]

Speed your way through tunnels by riding the Rocket. Use Movement controls to steer and Jump to pick up speed.

Strawberry (Pink) - Shield[edit]

Pick up the shield, then use Throw to block attacks in front of you.

Tangerine (Orange) - Trampoline[edit]

The Boy can bounce off the trampoline to reach great heights. The height of your bounces can be controlled. If you Jump just as you hit the trampoline, you can bounce higher. Bouncing without pressing anything will automatically make you bounce lower. Great heights can be risky as the Boy can be killed if he falls too far and hits the ground. Also, the trampoline is safe to deploy on a spike field, as it will protect you from the spikes.